Former Seattle Seahawk Pro-Bowler Sam Adams Exonerated

We originally received this on November 20th and it went into a spam folder unfortunately but way to go Sam! Further proof that our Washington State Attorney General is ignoramus, but Washington voters brought him back so he could further abuse more citizens for his political friends and donors. This is the same man who tried to charge another man with rape even though the DNA evidence clearly showed that it wasn’t his DNA because he crossed one of Ferguson’s political allies.

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Former Seattle Seahawk Pro-Bowler Sam Adams Exonerated

(SEATTLE)—November 20, 2017—The Washington State Attorney General’s Office today formally dropped all charges against former Seattle Seahawk, Sam Adams, after an extensive investigation and forensic audits proved Adams was a victim of financial fraud perpetrated by the billing company he had hired to provide services for the six athletic clubs in Washington and Oregon, which he jointly owned with his brother and wife.

“My wife Erika and I are relieved the truth has come out, and that our family can put this painful episode behind us,” Adams said. “Our lives have been on hold while this cloud hung over us.”

In February of 2015, Sam and a former employee were accused of several counts of wage theft as well as filing false/fraudulent tax returns. During the subsequent years, Sam has maintained his innocence, which today’s dismissal affirms.

“Today’s dismissal reflects the truth: Sam’s fitness clubs failed because they were being systematically cheated by their billing company,” said Adams’ attorney David Smith of Garvey Schubert Barer in Seattle.  “No one on the government side took the steps needed to conduct a forensic audit, thus the obvious fraud by the billing company was not detected by government investigators,” Smith continued. “If the basic requirements of criminal investigation had been followed, Sam and his former business associate would never have been charged, employees would have received their final paychecks and Sam and his family would have been spared years of needless heartache and expense.”

Adams added, “As we have always known, none of the charges were true and we appreciated the AG’s office apologizing to me today in court.  Erika and I are grateful to live in a country where the rule of law reigns and justice is ultimately served.”

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