Franklin Sex Abuse Scandal Conspiracy Theory or… Ties to Washington State?

I don’t know how many of you remember the child sex ring abuse scandals from 1989. It was linked to the White House, Nebraska at Boys Town, Iowa, Florida & even Washington state

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There was far more to the stories & most of it got pushed under the rug by the ruling Judges in the investigations.

Perhaps the most disconcerting thing is the Wikipedia entry that tries to discredit everyone involved, no doubt written by someone “involved” in the scandal that walked away scott free. The children were mostly mined from the Nebraska foster care system but some were kidnapped right here from Washington State. The 2 main children, Alisha Owen &  Paul Bonacci who were brave enough to testify were imprisoned & tortured & discredited. Oddly enough the Wikipedia articles fails to mention Bonacci only Owens. Oh & a jury evidently believed them as well as evidenced by an 800K award for damages awarded to Bonacci

Of most notoriety is the story of Johnny Gosch missing for over 30 yrs from Iowa. It is very hard to get through the “conspiracy theories” to get a clear picture of what actually occurred though. Here is an excerpt from another site which spirals off into numbers & satanism. I took out all but the relevant information & it is still a long read.

Although the Gosch story has been out in the open but dramatically censored, little is known about the Johnson-Holm case. Here is the beginning of her story, in her own words, as told this weekend to the Arctic Beacon:  When David was just little he was in the front yard with our dog, there was a well dressed man reaching over the fence to get David. When he saw me he got into his very expensive vehicle and took off. The police would not even take a report said no harm no was done David wasn’t gone so no crime. Patricia’s response was what about attempted kidnapping? Didn’t they want to look into it so others are not, next? This location was 633 NW 87th, Seattle, WA Then working with real estate particularly an Everett Property a certain Mr. and Mrs. McKee wanted to negotiate with Patricia for her to buy the Everett Mansion. CIA agents Charles McKee, Matthew Kevin Gannon, Daniel Emmet O’Connor and Ronald Albert Lariviere died in the explosion of Fight PA-103. In 1985 David was grounded Terryle L. Holm, his step father, was supposed to stay, to care for him. However, when arriving back David was gone and Terry didn’t even seem to care, that he was. Phone call after phone call to David’s friends and schoolmates was made by his mother, finally some info was gathered one term that came up, along with the location of a White Trailer. What seemed like forever, finally knocked again and a boy that looked like David was shoved out at Patricia.  20426 Damson Rd. Lynnwood, WA was the address When getting back, David was significantly shorter than the mark that had been made on the Kitchen door frame. He was shorter than the David known to Patricia. When cutting his hair, he did not have the birthmark David was born with. Since a boy was in Patricia’s custody that answered to the name David, it was beyond hard to get ANYONE to take a report let alone investigate. Time after time when trying to talk to someone, well such as Captain Pompei of the Green River Task Force. Which by the way included Dave Reichert demanding to know what Patricia wanted from Captain Pompei. Right after that transpired, Captain Pompei just happened to end up dead in scuba diving ‘accident’ and Officer DUNN was with him at the time. Years later isn’t it fascinating that Jennifer DUNN just happened to step down so Dave Reichert could win her position in US Congress? Same deadly type of events just different circumstances, go for Officer Dale Eggers, who tried to talk to Terryle L. Holm and ended up dead shortly there after. In 1980s a KENN BOREK approached Patricia with a Real Estate deal that included the Ft. Steilacoom Apts. With research it came out that Nahanni Air (in business 1979-86) there was a leased air craft that was said to have crashed while Kenn Borek Air was involved. When further pressure was put on her certain ones demanded Patricia to sell out persons involved with closing some of her properties, she was given a choice to take $10,000 to sell out and walk away. The associates she refused to sell out to, they were Reis and Jamison Law Partners, Lynnwood, WA. While staying at a friends house in Lynnwood, Larry King Jr. showed up over and over. Terryle L. Holm, finding this out got quite nervous. Come to find out Larry King went to jail right after that. But NOT for the sexslave, kidnapping, illegal transportation of youth across State Lines, and so on. ONLY for the so called Franklin Credit Union connection?  It might be interesting how much the current Franklin Templeton Investments have to do with Mr. Templeton Atty. at Law. By the later 90s Patricia had rebuilt again almost better than ever. Her resources were under her Family Trust, the JH Family Trust. Then- As huge financial difficulties were being caused, legal assistance was in order. So an Attorney Jack Abramoff was about the only lawyer who would meet with Patricia, brought her into the conference room at Preston Gates and Ellis. Seeing that the case was quite clear, he was in the midst of saying “looks like you have a very good case —” someone tapped on the window of the Conference room. Ellis said to Jack Abramoff right in front of Patricia, ‘you took her kid’. This took place right in Preston Gates and Ellis Law Firm in Seattle. Larry King Jr. just happened to make contact with Patricia Johnson-Holm May and June of 1989. WHY? Look at the connection of Craig J. Spence and Larry King Jr.? Then consider the connection of Franklin ‘Credit Union’ charges against Larry King Jr. for Credit Card Fraud NOT Pedophilia? And look at the the Current Name of Franklin Templeton – then what you need to know is that Templeton just happens to be the name of an Attorney in Seattle area that said one thing and did another to Patricia Johnson-Holm and created the chance for MARK C. CHOW to do some highly unethical, immoral not to mention ILLEGAL things against Patricia Johnson-Holm such as demand she shows up to a court to answer for supposed bill on work NOT having anything to do with Patricia on property she did NOT own.

So what we have so far is a child missing in Iowa a kid missing from Seattle &  one from Lynnwood, the mother of one of them who personally seen Larry King Jr at a residence in Lynnwood before his arrest, but most notably the concerted effort to totally destroy this woman at all costs. Even though this story is noteably rambly it does have it’s merits once you cut through the crazy…. & there is a lot of crazy.

Although I wouldn’t exactly expect someone to be sane after having their kid abducted & even desperate to find & hold onto any shred of hope, down to trying to fabricate a reason WHY so they don’t have to face the brutal truth. The kids pictured below… The one in the middle is her son, even though she got him back, this image will remain with her forever. For some WEIRD reason there is a cop in Florida who claims this picture is a fake & that he has interviewed the boys in the picture yet he has never been able to produce proof of this & even went as far as to change his tactic & say they were photoshopped.

The Johnny Gosch Foundation 2014-08-25 16-49-20

What I want you to pay attention to is the Dunn connection, & the fact that Pompei & Eggers are now dead. (Which I did not know, I knew them both along with Dave Reichart) I would also like to point out that Preston, Ellis & Gates is a very large firm & if this story were not credible they would’ve had it removed by threat of litigation.

Then there is also the matter of Terry Holm the step-father of this boy being connected to Gary Ridgeway… also connected to most of the above detectives, dead & alive. The similarity between the two is also VERY disconcerting. Most of the victims of the Green River killer were friends of mine growing up & I do not for one second believe that Gary Ridgeway acted alone.

The BIGGER question is why the FBI tried to make John Walsh drop the story of Johnny on his show???

John “Johnny” David Gosch was kidnapped on Sunday, September 5, 1982, when he was 12 years old. This crime happened only 2 blocks from his West Des Moines, Iowa, home while he was delivering newspapers for The Des Moines Register.

Johnny’s kidnapping was not a random event. He was photographed weeks before this planned out crime. Immediately after Johnny’s early morning kidnapping, he was taken to a farm in Sioux City, Iowa, owned by Charles A. Kerr where Johnny was drugged, molested, and photographed for a 2 week period. For the sum of $35,000, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino purchased Johnny for the purposes of child prostitution and child pornography. There are several eyewitnesses to the crimes against Johnny, but no one has ever been brought to justice. No suspects have ever been questioned by any law enforcement agency. Johnny’s kidnapping was featured on the America’s Most Wanted television series in November 1992. The FBI attempted to get John Walsh to “kill the Gosch story,” so it would never be broadcast. Walsh did not bend under this pressure and proceeded with a 4-part series on Johnny’s case.

Through decades of investigation by The Johnny Gosch Foundation, it appears that Johnny was kidnapped into an international pedophile ring with connections to high ranking government officials and powerful businessmen. In August 2006, Noreen, Johnny’s mother, began receiving several photographs of Johnny taken soon after his kidnapping. Below is just one of those shocking photos.

There have been 3 books about Johnny’s case and the underlying scandal:

Perhaps one day, Johnny will have justice for the horrendous crimes that were inflicted upon him and many other child victims. Until then, inform your friends and loved ones about the facts and get the media to cover more of what is truly going on with this crime of the century. Although, Noreen is no longer looking for Johnny, the investigation continues.

Click here for the latest news on Johnny’s case.

The one thing I keep noticing is the similarities in the boys appearance, age, build & features of the boys. I went looking for children missing from our state & found something very disturbing.

The Washington State Patrol only lists 56 kids

Missing Children Photos - Washington State Patrol 2014-08-25 21-47-09

But The Center for missing & exploited children has 96 kids listed

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children 2014-08-25 22-43-40

Please bear with me here. I know I have been doing alot of rambling stories but there really is a point: Remember when I said that a certain wife beating former politician claimed to have “deep dark secrets” on quite a few people in power in this state?

We know from my other stories that our local politicians beat their wives, smoke pot & drive, take illegal campaign funds, lie, steal, cheat on their wives, abuse their kids, & a whole list of other acts of moral turpitude, yet they keep getting away with it & get voted back in each election cycle.

Hell we even have Senator Hatfield covering up for his son raping another kid with Prosecutors John Meyers from Lewis County & David Burke from Pacific County covering for him!

What NO ONE seems to be asking is: Who did that to this kid? Who abused him? Kids don’t just think one day Hey I’ll go rape so & so out of the blue. Most of the boys who’s mother’s have passed away don’t rape other boys because of it either.

Washington state senator's son, 15, pleads guilty to raping younger boy - 2014-08-24 21-26-52

So what could be even “darker & deeper” then lying, stealing, cheating, wife & child abusing & covering up crimes?

I have a list of names I am working on with connections to the people involved in the Franklin Scandal & yes there are quite a few right here right in our state. Many still very active in state politics & members of the WSBA. I will explain when where & how they are all connected. It is going to take me a bit to get it out here as I am waiting for 2 more statements but once I get them, I am going to publish all of the rest of the information.

As I have said I have received so much information that I don’t understand until I stumble on something to do with it & now I finally understand what 5 people were trying to tell me  (DOH) so now some other things finally make sense.

I know most of you know I am NO fan of these conspiracy theories, but as they say: Even a blind squirrel gets a nut once in a while. After weeks of research I have come to the conclusion that this is not just a theory, this is a very real & very horrific situation that has not stopped.

I’d pay very close attention to the ongoing investigation into the Denny Youth Center & make very very sure that it doesn’t get swept under the rug.

It took me a long time to write this story because most normal human beings can not wrap their heads around things like this, I am still sitting on the fence about this & as I said before, you have to cut through a jungle of crazy to get to the truth. What I do know for sure is that when people come up with a credible story that people in power don’t want to be told or known, they have a way of making them look like total lunatics, I have seen it time & time again sadly enough. I would love nothing more then to be absolutely totally incorrect, trust me, as a mother & a human being. Unfortunately I have proof & there is FAR more to this story.

The problem with blackmailing other people over their actions is that you have to have intimate knowledge of the activity & be somehow involved so they are just as guilty & when they become a “problem” they also have scuba diving “accidents”, river rafting “accidents”, plane “accidents”, car “accidents”, or they somehow mange to shoot themselves in the back of the head (multiple times) to commit “suicide”

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