So… A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Violating the Public Records Act

It seems there are 2 people who are requesting records about the ongoing investigation over the deaths of Monique Patenaude & Patrick Shunn.

They are requesting the records the records under assumed names according to the Prosecutor. They do not have to identify themselves and can use any name that they want.

They are crying to the courts that it is possibly one of the Reed’s family members. Again, it doesn’t matter if it is one of the Reed brothers themselves requesting the records.

The prosecutors claim they have contacted all of the couple’s friends and family and they are not requesting the records: Again they do not have to identify themselves if it is them.

After all the nonsense going on I wouldn’t blame them one bit if they did and didn’t tell the prosecutor. If in fact they were doing their jobs, no one would have to ask.

I know initially the police were tracking all leads and working very hard but once they got to Mexico it all seemed to just end.

I told them when they got to Mexico, when they left, when they were in California and I still believe that John is up here and is the one who started the fire up near Oso. I told them that too.

He is a sociopath and he said the cops would never find their bodies and he will do anything to make sure he accomplishes that end, his ego is bigger then any fear. His family seems to be also made largely of very anti-social people. His own mother said she would sooner shoot them then have them go to prison.

What happened to those people is a tragedy, the family has an absolute right to know what the police are doing or not doing, they have every right to know what steps are being taken to ensure their family member is found, so they can have a chance at closure.

Sadly we know that the police and prosecutor have no problem at all lying to the courts so let’s hope whatever Judge they end up in front of on Friday will understand the Public Records Act and take the initiative to do the research themselves. If not this could go to the Appeals Court and the dipstick electeds are going to cost the taxpayers 100’s of 1000’s of dollars more then they already have. The millions we have wasted on these ingrates in just the past year, could solve the homeless and drug problems for the next 5 years.