Guardianship|The fleecing of the elderly

This exploitation is NOT done by family members or friends. It is perpetrated by professionals who operate under the protection of the BAR Association and facilitated by probate court judges. In less than 5% of the cases of exloitation is the involvement of family members. 95% of the time on average, it is by professional strangers to the victim and family.

As billions are stolen annually by predatory guardians and immoral attorney’s, our legislative representatives feign ignorance of the theft and exploitation. In a few cases, there appears to be some movement towards ending the exploitation… least by family members. The professional predators appear to be untouchable.

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Bill Scheidler, an activist at says this,

Guardian abuse occurs because the “regulators”, and that includes the WA Supreme Court, ALLOW it to occur.

The GAO (The US Gov Accountability Office), in a state-wide study concluded in 12 of 20 cases, the courts failed to oversee guardians once they were appointed, allowing the abuse of vulnerable seniors and their assets to continue. GAO found that guardians stole or otherwise improperly obtained $5.4 million in assets from 158 incapacitated victims, many of whom were seniors. To read the entire study click this link“Cases of Financial Exploitation, Neglect and Abuses of Seniors”

Consider this language that is part of a lawyer’s statutory oath, RCW 2.48.210, which a lawyer swears by God that he, “will never reject, from any consideration personal to myself, the cause of the defenseless or oppressed…” Yet it is the “legal establishment” that is raping, or is allowing the raping of the most “defenseless and oppressed” of their assets, their happiness and even their life.

How many people must be harmed, even killed, before citizens voice their anger with our legislators and the Justices of the Supreme court?

Candice Schwager of the SCHWAGER FIRM describes how these horrors are perpetrated upon the ward.

The Estates Code replaced the Probate Code 1.1.14 and the Code is VOID!!! It violates the United States Constitution and a list of federal laws so long it’s frightening!! Supremacy Clause!! Caperton v Massey US SCT says any state law which violates the Constitution is VOID like illegal! The estates code has people for money in almost every section! This is court appointed slavery because they cherry pick the sections that generate money for the lawyers the counties and the courts! The State looks the other way because they no longer have to fund indigent cases or pay counties money and the government is broke because the lawyers and guardians got greedy and violates laws they wrote capping funds!

It’s a secret or was until thousands of victims robbed and watching their parents die and become property of the County!! Their inheritance was stolen to pay lawyers and the lawyers control every branch of government now! Governors Attorney general prosecutor judge legislators! They make laws to feed themselves while we eat cake!

They got reckless so it’s coming at them from every direction and no one person caused their nightmares! They brought it on themselves and God will not be mocked!

Good News God loves everyone and it’s through his goodness men are led to repent! Immunity is based on mercy for telling the truth! Now the lawyers will throw each other under the bus and God will correct a broken system but with a broke government we all need to volunteer to do our part!

Family and friends cannot be guardian if certified so it’s simple if you know people. Certification is to serve those you don’t know and is done by yearly conferences of National Guardianship Assn and Texas. We have to eliminate the incentive to exploit elderly and disabled people by capping any payment rock bottom and the parasites will go away. The estates code must be trashed and start over. Emergency hearings have begun in Texas and will end up in Congress soon. They cannot ignore the problem any longer or riots will be in the streets

Federal crimes are being committed against the elderly and disabled across America and everyone should be afraid because everyone who has money is a target! People who are on government assistance are targets too.

Those who help will be rewarded for honor by being placed in media, leadership roles in every government sector!

It’s not about malice or wishing revenge on anyone because good people are mixed in there Good judges Some honest lawmakers

They will fix this! Join the cause!! We need honest fiduciaries not thieves

Until this stops my advice as a lawyer who has suffered watching three clients loved ones die or be given to abusers for cash is this

Do not dare file guardianship over your parents or anyone unless you wish to start the financial exploitation and abuse and neglect

There are less restrictive means and alternatives to court appointed guardians who threaten you for finding the truth and threaten you for trespassing in their property your loved ones! Guardianship strips vulnerable people of their constitutional and civil rights and renders them property! We cannot do this for money without it being human trafficking!!

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