HB 2313 New Harassment Tool For Law Enforcement

Lawmakers seemed to have devised a new plan to give law enforcement the tools to harass young people of color.

Proposed HB 2313 is to raise the minimum age of smoking to 21 yrs of age. Statistically the majority of smokers are lower income threshold minorities. Not sure how they can afford it but those are the findings.

In a time when our jails and courts can barely handle the inflow of petty crimes they’ve invented to make criminals out of poor people to fill up their jails. Creating more laws to target minorities makes no sense.

At 18 yrs of age you can vote, go to jail, and fight or die for your country. I’m not sure but I think you can even gamble at Casino’s, I know you can play the Lottery games.

The drinking age laws make sense, as science has proven that your brain doesn’t stop forming up until you are 22 to 25yrs of age. Having been a bartender for 18 yrs I can say in all honesty that there are some 30+ yr olds who are not mature enough to drink yet.

In a time when we can’t afford to keep up with the petty crimes we are wasting precious tax dollars on making yet another law seems pointless

The surprising thing about this is that Roger Goodman one of our state’s most notorious potheads is also behind the bill

HB 2313 – 2015-16

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Concerning the age of individuals at which sale or distribution of tobacco and vapor products may be made.

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History of the Bill

as of Tuesday, February 2, 2016 1:26 PM

Sponsors: Representatives Orwall, Magendanz, S. Hunt, Harris, Cody, Johnson, Stanford, Nealey, Haler, Goodman, Riccelli, DeBolt, Pollet, Short, Kagi, Jinkins, Stokesbary, Kilduff, Reykdal, Van De Wege, McBride, Fey, Bergquist, Tharinger, Frame
By Request: Attorney General
Companion Bill: SB 6157
Dec 18 Prefiled for introduction.
Jan 11 First reading, referred to Health Care & Wellness (Not Officially read and referred until adoption of Introduction report). (View Original Bill)
Jan 20 Public hearing in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness at 1:30 PM. (Committee Materials)
Jan 29 Executive action taken in the House Committee on Health Care & Wellness at 10:00 AM. (Committee Materials)
HCW – Majority; do pass. (Majority Report)
Minority; do not pass. (Minority Report)
Feb 2 Referred to Appropriations.
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