How They Hide in Plain Sight – Here’s how to Find Them Anyway

It is a strange trend in Washington, specifically in Snohomish County and it’s cities;

The worst of the worst of city or county workers seem to have 3 to 4 different last names. Those names change directly related to the latest screw up.

Here are just a few examples:

City of Everett Animal Killer Shelter Manager:
Shannon Johnson,
Shannon Delgado,
Shannon Rayton,
Shannon Hemminger,
Just be warned she is on her way to Texas so expect another name change very soon

City of Everett Animal Abuser and Animal Control Officer:
Lori Trask,
Lori Lemaire,
Lori Carlon,
Lori Staib,

Former Mayor of Gold Bar,
Crystal Hill,
Crystal Berg,
Crystal Pennington,

Former Brier and Ferndale (Current City of Duvall) Officer
Lori Harris,
Lori Hoffer,
Lori Batiot,

This doesn’t really work for men but in some cases it does.

Prime example is the former Lobbyist/Lawyer George Gibbs, after being convicted of stealing from clients he was supposed to represent through Ogden Murphy and Wallace, he reinvented himself as G.Geoffrey Gibbs and poof he becomes a Snohomish County Commissioner, gets some of the most lucrative SnoCo legal Contracts and becomes a board of Governors for the Washington State Bar Association.

I get emails everyday asking me how to find a lot of the city or county actors, mostly so the people can serve them with lawsuits. I know of a few who have asked for public records specifically to find this info but it’s always redacted as if it’s some deep dark secret. Most of these people own their homes through their ill gotten gains so it is actually very easy to find them and their info so that you can have them served and they can’t hide behind an office door

Just go to the Snohomish County Auditor’s website and do a name search, it’s all public record, not some mystery of the deep… If you still can’t find the info I can get it for you but I prefer that you learn how to do it for yourself. Just be careful because these folks change their names every 5 minutes and most of their homes are not in the same names they are using. If you still can’t find info just go to the Auditor’s Office and ask them for help. The other trick they use is not to change their names at all when they get married so you won’t know who is connected to whom so be wary of that as well. If all else fails just do a Google Search with quotation marks around the search term like “Snohomish County” and that will reduce your search time and most of the time you find the names and addresses that way anyway.

(Just a PS: In case the powers that be may try to have their records removed don’t worry, I’ve downloaded all of their info)