How to Pre-Publish on WordPress

I get a lot of requests from people asking me how I keep articles hidden so that they will self publish if I were to “disappear” or if they have a blurb they want to publish at a set date and time every day or every week. (It’s not all nefarious)

First you have to be using wordpress: other sites may have this option but I don’t use them.

If you hit “Add New” under Posts it will bring you to a blank page to write your story. Look to the right where it says “Publish”

Add New Post ‹ Snohomish County Reporter — WordPress 2016-04-23 14-56-18

Where it say “Publish Immediately” hit the edit button

Add New Post ‹ Snohomish County Reporter — WordPress 2016-04-23 14-57-17

It will bring up the date and time. Add it to start tomorrow or the next day, whenever you want it to publish. If you have done it correctly you will see this

Edit Post ‹ Snohomish County Reporter — WordPress 2016-04-23 14-55-26

You can set it for up to a year or more later if you want.

(Warning: You must hit the brown publish button or it will just save as a draft)

I hope this helps, I’m not very good at explaining it. WordPress sites are free to use and if there is any issue with security or safety I suggest you get several blog pages: I have 5 with the same exact info 4 of which aren’t even published themselves, I have some set for 3 days, some set for a week and some set  for a month so there will be no stopping the info if I am not here to reschedule the times.

Like I said if you do a weekly post for recipes or photos, whatever the case may be and you want to pre-publish some of those this can be very helpful