Jason Biermann Named the New Head of SnoCo Dept of Emergency Management

It is official folks!

Now that we have someone stable and actually educated enough for the job. We need to thank Mr Somers for his executive (no-brainer) decision.

With Mr Biermann in the position we have someone who already knows the inner workings

DEM recently swallowed up South Snohomish County and North King County, Emergency Services Coordinating Agency (ESCA) due to the handy work of Linda Pillo and Mark Ericks, two Bellevue cronies, so it is vitally important that we had someone who was familiar with everything and everyone involved.

Hopefully if Marks or Pillo gave any “cushy” contracts to themselves family or friends Jason will nip that right in the bud and kick them to the curb so there is no underlying scum in the agency.

We’ll be doing some investigating on that matter as well but after all the turmoil, money lost, lives lost under John E Pennington’s tenure we finally have hope that one more agency will operate as intended once again.