Jason Schwarz Taking A Page Out Of Donald Trump’s Deflection Playbook

So what do you do when you’re a corrupt lawyer, with a group of activists who are hot on your tail?

Well if you’re a spineless coward you try to get someone else to get rid of them.

I’ve done a few stories on George Hatt who was recently convicted of murdering Andrew Spencer.

Jason Schwarz went into court and agreed to a protective order to hide the fact that David Fontenot is a Brady Cop. He also did a few other sketchy things to Mr Hatt, all perfectly legal, but definitely not moral.

It seems that Mr Schwarz spent a great deal of time giving Mr Hatt my information and trying to convince him that I broke into his home, stole his computers, and hacked into his accounts where I got the pictures I posted from.

So instead of defending his client he was busy trying to make him target me.

It took me a few to figure out why in the world that instead of talking about this man’s defense that he had to have multiple conversations about me.

It is well known that Mr Hatt sent out a “hit list” from his jail cell to his girlfriend, it is unknown if I am on there. If I am then I’ll know just how long Mr Schwarz was trying to get me killed instead of defending his client.

I wrote him and let him know that I knew what he was up to… of course I get no response.

I was actually busy with quite a few other things so I haven’t really paid much attention to him, I just figured I’d get to him later but now that he has put himself in the spotlight after what he did to my children and now this, seems he needs a little Sunshine…

Hopefully his dreams of becoming an elected judge and not just a pro-tem to fix cases for the city of Everett will be dashed. We don’t need any more garbage on the bench.

(Yes I seen what you did there in the Ryggs case Mr Schwarz)

Nice try but once again you FAIL