OP/ED Jay Inslee Seems to Think He Runs The Whole State

UPDATE: a few hours after I posted this story Mr Kelley fired off a letter to Inslee saying pretty much what I said. I am hoping that he pointed out that the legislature defunded his office so bad that they can’t afford those employees anymore.There are further threats to take even more funding if they don’t do the study for the Public Records Bill that is trying to take away access to the citizens for public records altogether

So Troy Kelly was acquitted, via a deadlocked jury. He went back to work that same day, back to state business.

He decided to fire a group of people, I don’t know why. I don’t care. I voted to put him in office to clean up the state auditor’s office.

Problem is that when he went after people, someone pulled a few strings and got the feds on his tail with a case so shoddy you could’ve sent a poopy 2 yr old with him to defend these bizarre non-crime charges.

So while they’ve got him busy, the legislature takes that time to cut the Auditor’s budget by 85%.

I have long warned my readers that they are budgeting all of the watchdog agencies out of existence, the Sunshine Comittee, gone. The Commission on Judicial Conduct, impotent. The Public Disclosure Commission, defunded and constrained so badly that they barely exist.

Meanwhile DSHS, the Dept of Transportation and the Prison System is running us into the ground with lawsuits, misappropriation of funds, and mismanagement. The money they cost taxpayers could fund Education and all of the DSHS programs 3 times over the year.

Anyway, the people who got fired must’ve went running to Inslee and he jumped on his pre-election soap box demanding answers from Troy Kelley.

Inslee’s been firing everyone who makes him look bad: I get that, those departments are under his control.

Maybe he missed a few civics classes, Troy Kelley’s Office is not under his control, he doesn’t owe anyone anything except for the people who voted for him. He is also not accountable to Inslee in any way, only to us.

I guess we can only hope that Kelley got as good of a laugh over it as we did.