Justice In The Shavlik Case

If you’ve read the local papers you’d be led to think that Ms Shavlik was a mad woman with a jury to stupid to breed.

She was acquitted of all of the false charges leveled against her.

The jury was made of up competent well reasoned people who managed to notice all the conflicting testimony and outright lies that were told by the prosecution and their “witnesses”

Brady cops, unqualified “fire investigators” and other officers who couldn’t get their stories straight.

The alarm was off, the alarm was on, the alarm was broke, the alarm was fine

Not to be topped by the oh so famous “insurance angle” even though Officer Fontenot got an email from the insurance company saying there was no insurance.

The most brilliant part of this kangaroo court is when Officer Fontenot approached Ms Shavlik and said “I just want you to know this wasn’t personal it wasn’t my choice to prosecute you” He lied, planted false evidence, hid facts he knew could exonerate her, and then went into a court of law, under oath and continued with those lies. If that is not personal then I’m not sure what is…

If you read the other papers it is claimed she “torched” her building, there was a smoldering fire and now that this case is over: It was very apparent that it started in or around the fusebox, and the property manager would’ve stood to gain from a ruling of arson and for some reason some bimbo from across town who also owned an unrelated tanning salon for some reason was also offered a payoff. (We have the emails and letters to prove all of this)

Now for the funniest part is that the states “star witness” Rebecca Bradshaw is supposed to be a star witness for the “Black Ice” investigation, according to Fontenot. So she is a “Professional Witness” involved in a drug cartel?

Seems to me if you are a star witness against a major Mexican drug cartel that you wouldn’t just be running around in the same area, around the same people being a professional witness. Makes no sense not even in their hollywood version


Leader of Cartel-Linked Drug and Weapons Trafficking Ring Sentenced to 27 Year Prison Term - USAO-WDWA - Department of Justice 2016-03-05 17-56-39 Washington state methamphetamine dealer sentenced to 9 years in prison - ICE 2016-03-05 17-53-10

What makes me question that whole assertion is how crappy of a job she did lying about Ms Shavlik in court, she couldn’t keep her story straight to save her life. So how did this woman single-handedly take down a major drug cartel when she can’t keep her stories straight?

At least the jury was paying attention and the frame-up of Ms Shavlik has failed.

As more and more people contact us who are going through the same thing, the more aware we are becoming of this pervasive problem: Turning honest taxpaying citizens into criminals by destroying their lives, their careers and reputations will no longer be tolerated and allowed to happen behind closed doors.

We are creating a network of people who will show up, investigate and be present at these kangaroo proceedings, people outside the agency that will look at and challenge the evidence if it is faulty. Times are changing and people are aware of the truth.