Kevin Best – Firefighter Can Pay for Sex w/Children – Begging For Donations

I Swear this story of the 6 men that were caught in the latest WSP sting just gets stranger and stranger.

The Firefighter from Maple Valley who admitted to investigators that he used his position as a firefighter to sexually abuse kids all the way down to drugging them to molest them…

Well it seems a couple of Canadians “hosed” him (According to him) so he wants you to donate to him.

Corporations- Registration Detail 2016-02-26 10-21-37

Thank God no one was stupid enough to do so but that begs the question: How can he afford to pay for sex with children but can’t seem to afford to run his own business?

Canada Contract Screwed my Company! by Kevin Best - GoFundMe 2016-02-26 10-24-32

I guess it’s all about priorities. Let’s just hope and pray that they find all of his victims and thank the WSP that they have stopped him from abusing more children. Sadly it seems as though no matter how many they catch there are 1000’s more out there preying on our communities and our children