Lisa Paul Violations of Law May Destroy a Child Abuse Case

Found this story on the Herald, I couldn’t believe they actually posted it but they did.

Ms Paul (Mark Roe’s wife) is very adept at blaming others for her mistakes or missteps and this time it is former Monroe City Sgt. Carlos Alberto Martinez’s lawyer who “done her wrong”  Mr. Mark Mestel. If blaming doesn’t work she uses threats, and she does make good on those threats

This is a case of a former Monroe Officer who it is accused of sleeping with a 14 yr old girl while he was a D.A.R.E. Officer for the Monroe Schools. He claims she was 18 the first time he slept with her but sources have it closer to 16. He was then accused of beating up his wife and he quit the force and moved to Texas where the girl immediately moved down there with him or to join him depending on who’s version of the story you read.

Problem is twofold:

She can’t really threaten Mr Mestel, he’s not exactly the wispy willowy type of guy you can intimidate, but I guarantee you she is busy writing a bar complaint right now.The Bar will find out that Mr Mestel was 7 cents short on his IOLTA account, or find some angry former client to file a complaint and offer them some kind of sweetheart deal to testify against him, and if all of that fails she’ll solicit every cop and county official she can find to lodge complaints against him

She will also try to lie about whether she viewed emails that would’ve violated attorney client privilege but a forensic review of her computers will tell the truth. Remember this is a woman who stood in court many a time talking about how horrible someone was for having affairs or inappropriate sexual contact who was giving it up to a married man in the very court house she stands in judgement of others in typical Snohomish County style.

The problem with her reading the emails is that they went outside the scope of the warrant it is therefore considered “The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” and pretty much destroys the case. Unless Judge Michael Downes ignores the obvious violation and rules in her favor. To move forward and prosecute the case would then become mainly just showboating, because once it hit the appeals court it would be overturned.

This case was filed in August 2013 and has had 222 actions on the docket since then

This whole case is a story in failure, failure to follow court rules and to protect children. In a sick twist it seems that the girl in question twice reported the abuse yet it was claimed this same officer was having an affair with the CPS Officer too.

In spite of what you might think of this man, everyone in the US is supposed to granted the right to a fair trial. There was more then enough evidence to convict him but she had to push it that one step further because she has no respect for the process of law. Now it may cost the conviction of someone who sorely deserved it.


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