Lovick's bid to discredit Dave Somers – Fail

I seen an article on the other paper today: one designed to discredit and humiliate Dave Somers.
The “claim” was that Mr Somers made a “racist remark”.
The problem is that it was not. There is an old song/story in the tribes about going to war and about life. There are actually many stories. One of those go: We were happy because we killed all of our enemies.
Dave is actually considered part of the tribe by many so it stands to reason stories and songs would be shared with him.
Our tribes were warriors, people die in wars. Many people may not know this but the Muckleshoot tribe were fiercely brutal, they often attacked and killed entire tribes just for spite or for fun. There is a story about Enumclaw which I don’t recall now but the name means “Evil Winds” it is the place where the Muckleshoot practiced their Heyoka, (black magic) and they were even said to cannibalize their victims. There is no proof of this but the legends say it’s true.
The tribal chairman for Tulalip wants no part of any of this nonsense, he even said so. I think Lovick grossly over estimated his power, and he may jeopardize the funding the tribe gives by trying to use them as political pawns. He also must’ve thought that since Sheldon came back he had an “in” but Sheldon’s loyalty lied directly with Aaron Reardon, and Lovick is no part of that.
So how can I say that this is merely a political ploy? If there is a story about Tulalip no readers are ever allowed to comment. Tulalip is one of their biggest advertisers & they might want to help Lovick win a 4 year seat on the council but they’re smart enough not to bite the hand that feeds them.
Oh well it was fun to see Lovick step in it so deeply in it that not even a good drag across the yard is going to get that off his shoe.

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