Mark Roe and David Fontenot Conspiring to Harm Citizens For Over 7 Years

Just when you think it can’t get any worse: It does.

Mark Roe knew in 2010 that David Fontenot was a Brady Cop, but he refused to put him on the list. Why?

Well by the time that the city of Snohomish Police Chief got the info and forwarded it to Mark Roe’s office, Fontenot was already working on framing Lori Shavlik and on “Operation Black Ice”

Operation black ice was the biggest money making windfall that the police agencies, including the city of Snohomish and the Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force would ever make. They had every reason to protect their interests

That event, Operation Black Ice, took place here in Snohomish in 2011 where several pounds of heroin, methamphetamine and thousands of dollars and other assets were seized by police and the FBI in a mutli-agency drug bust. Several people were arrested.  The city was awarded a cut of the seized drug money and applied it to remodeling the police station. Read more…

It also netted a bit of fame and notoriety for Jenny Durkin who has thrown her hat into the Seattle Mayoral race

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday, September 26, 2014

Leader of Cartel-Linked Drug and Weapons Trafficking Ring Sentenced to 27 Year Prison Term

U.S. Based Leader Of Cartel Trafficking Heroin And Meth

The U.S. based leader of a drug and gun trafficking organization with direct links to a violent Mexican drug cartel was sentenced today in U.S. District Court in Seattle to 27 years in prison, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan.  CRISTIAN BERRELLEZA-VERDUZCO, 31, of Everett, Washington, pleaded guilty in April 2013 to Conspiracy to Distribute Controlled Substances; Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering; Conspiracy to Interfere with Commerce by Robbery; Conspiracy to Possess Firearms in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime, and Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of a Drug Trafficking Crime.  BERRELLEZA-VERDUZCO and his brother Victor were the U.S leaders of a large Mexico based drug and gun trafficking ring with ties to the violent Beltran-Leyva drug cartel.  The men’s father is the leader of the drug trafficking organization and remains a fugitive in Mexico.  At sentencing U.S. District Judge Robert S. Lasnik said all three of the BERRELLEZA-VERDUZCO brothers are imprisoned in the U.S., a reality that was “set in motion by their father.”

Along with catching another local (among 31 other people arrested who have never been named)


Washington state methamphetamine dealer sentenced to 9 years in prison

SEATTLE — A Snohomish County methamphetamine dealer was sentenced to nine years in prison and five years of supervised release for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and counterfeiting.

The Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation designated “Operation Black ICE” was led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s, (ICE), Homeland Security Investigations, (HSI), the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives; and the Snohomish Police Department.

Christopher Frick, 38, was arrested in March and pleaded guilty last October to the charges. Court records say Frick came to the attention of authorities in 2011 when they caught him on court authorized wiretaps arranging drug deals during the investigation of the Berrelleza-Verduzco drug trafficking organization.

Normally I provide a link to a previous story when we do follow ups but this is the original post

Mark Roe: Turn Down the Rock Music, Put Down Your Bong and Follow Brady v. Maryland

If we only had a prosecuting attorney that wasn’t a lying conniving piece of trash we might actually have a chance at some type of justice.

I’m generally pretty good at telling you who needs to go, I present the evidence and let you decide. I don’t like telling anyone how to vote or whom to vote for but again, I know who is corrupt.

I’ve been relatively quiet for this election cycle because some of the folks who need to be exposed have to be in power for me to do anything about them ie: if they are a public figure then I can go after them to investigate them fully, but as a private person that becomes harder.

There are some folks I really need to stay in office so I can bring them down and make sure they aren’t ever blackening the halls of public service ever again as odd as that sounds.

Anyway, as usual this pig of a man has something stupid to say, just every day stuff for him but this time he was saying it while conspiring to frame an innocent citizen.

This is an email exchange between Mark Roe and Brady Cop David Fontenot. So does he just sit up in his office listening to rock, smoking weed? How is that funny even if he is joking?


Most disturbing of all is that Fontenot was hired years before this disclosure… but Mark Roe didn’t find out til 2014?

Or was it the MCU team just found out about it in 2014 and Mark Roe knew the whole time? Since Mr Fontenot felt it was necessary to give Mark Roe a heads up it seems very likely Mr Roe knew the whole time.


What this means is that every case that he didn’t disclose that Fontenot was a Brady cop to, should be reviewed and possibly retried.

Worse yet we have found cases where attorneys (mostly public defenders) have had this information and didn’t disclose it to their clients and signed off on a protective order to keep it quiet without disclosing it to their clients.

Which leaves the question of: Did David Fontenot lie on his application to become a Snohomish County Sheriff or did they know he was a Brady cop but only disclosed it once they couldn’t hide it? It was “officially” disclosed 4 days after this email string.


Which now leads us to this “Back Ice” investigation that brought a commendation to David Fontenot


If you remember the primary witness in this case was a Rebecca Bradshaw, (another professional paid witness) who was also the primary witness in the Lori Shavlick case (which is going to be our next story) but just keep this in mind. Wait until you see the reward she got for lying under oath about Ms Shavlick…

I will be investigating every single case David Fontenot has been involved in the entire time he has been a Snohomish County employee and contacting those folks and their lawyers to let them know they had an undisclosed Brady Cop on their cases.

Brady v Maryland is very clear in what must be disclosed, Mark Roe doesn’t feel he has to follow the rules.



Ok so if you look at this lovefest email exchange, it appears as though Mark Roe had no idea that Fontenot was a Brady Cop from Clallam County.


Not only did Mark Roe have all of the evidence of David Fontenot stealing from a crime scene, and forging search warrants, and lying about when they were served.

David Fontenot blew a few cases by doing this and was allowed to stay on the Clallam County Police Force until outside agencies started to take notice.

He also had all of the evidence of the sexual torture he put many of the poor women he worked with through.

Yet he still refused to put a cop on the Brady list who clearly belonged on it years ago.

Mark Roe had a chance to end Fontenot’s reign of terror and malicious actions long before so many lies had been destroyed

The Snohomish County Sheriff nearly let a murderer go free by putting this cop on a 1st degree murder case against George Hatt.

Any agency or officer worth 3 cents would’ve sent Fontenot packing as soon as they realized that a crime scene was anything more than a misdemeanor.

Mr Hatt’s attorney sold him out though and went to Judge Millie Judge and agreed to a protective order so that David Fontenot’s Brady status couldn’t be disclosed at trial.

So to recap, Mark Roe know 7 yrs ago that Fontenot was dishonest, a thief, and a serial sexual harasser, yet he lied for him and covered his crimes.

Now we have to find everyone who’s attorney sold them down the river with protective orders in regards to David Fontenot and try to get them all new trials. The lawsuits alone from this fallout may destroy the county.

PLEASE quit voting for this neanderthal, seriously.