Mayor Guzak Playing the Sympathy Card

The city of Snohomish gets stranger and stranger by the week.

Apparently there was some graffiti spray painted on the new boat launch, the day it was supposed to be dedicated. (July 22, 2016)

Most folks wouldn’t give it a second thought, I almost didn’t: until I got multiple reports from citizens that the Park Rangers were out all night.

We don’t know if it was the same ones out bright and early trying to clean it up.

Add that to the fact that the pink paint is the same color as most cities use to mark sewer and water lines.

If you dig deeper you’ll find minutes of a meeting where they were discussing possible vandalism of the new boat launch all the way back in December.

Unless they are psychic, then my vote is for an inside job.

It had never happened before at the old one.

I heard about it after another activist told me about it and I told her it was someone from the city.

She at first disagreed with me until Guzak started talking.

The point (I believe) was to try to blame another activist in town for the vandalism.

They even went as far as trying to blame ELF which has been defunct for many years now.

They are claiming that the clean up costs were 2000.00 yet they used city employees and had it cleaned up within hours. Pretty convenient justification to take a chunk out of the 25K allocated for clean up in the budget. Unless they had to use an 1800.00 cleaner.

The Snohomish County Tribune did manage to snap off some pictures before workers got rid of it.


Let’s hope that the citizens of the city of Snohomish don’t fall for this horse and paint show…

This is a person who’s position of absolute power is being challenged and she will do anything to keep it.

You’d think Guzak would have a lot less time on her hands with the businesses she is funneling city monies to, and rentals that she is hiding from the public.

Oh and to Mayor Guzak: Please quit trying to hide those records, we already have most of them.