Media “Flavor-Aid”… Everett Animal Shelter and The PRA


So: Again someone notified me about a story in the Herald about a story of a dog.

It was a story about someone the city of Everett didn’t like who had already beat them at their own game and realized the only way to beat the city of Everett is in a court room and I have to tell you they got lucky or got in front of a new Judge who didn’t know any better. So he ended up winning 17K but who knows how much he paid out of pocket to get to that point, he most likely spent up to 10 times more then that.

This is supposed to be a story about a pattern of abuse of the Public Records Act and it is: but the paper points the finger at a distraught dog owner, making him seem like some money grubbing piece of work, when in fact it is the city of Everett that will not obey the law until they are forced into it.

Looks like they have a bit of Ramsey Ram-it-to-em” Ramerman on their shoe

The gist of the story is: The Everett Animal Shelter might’ve had his stolen dog, and wouldn’t allow him into the back to go double check to see if the dog in the book at the front desk was his. (They keep a book in the front of strays and impounds but they do not list all of the animals in there, I have proof of this) When he asked for a copy of the paper it was snatched from his hand and he was told no. Turns out that dog wasn’t his but that the shelter did get rid of that dog.

They could solve this problem if they let the public view the dogs, it is a public facility paid for by tax dollars it should be open to the public

Looks like the shelter needs to get rid of some leftover Johnson-Delgado trash or they are going to face more lawsuits

They are famous for lying to people about having the dogs and they keep them all locked up in the back so the public can’t see them and if you fiss them off they will kill your dog or give it to a rescue but they do take great pleasure in telling you your dog is dead. The old shelter manager Shannon Delgado Johnson actually laughed when she told me about my George

I know of one situation where they took an old woman’s therapy dog and told her they killed it but gave it to a rescue, because we had to come up with the ransom money for it and get a fake adopter to get the dog for her and she left the state after that because they kept harassing her. Then there was another disabled woman that they also told that they killed her dogs but we got those dogs back from the rescue and she also moved. Takes a bunch of tough guys to steal dogs from old and disabled people. They have a history under the management of Bud Wessman and Shannon Delgado-Johnson of killing dogs who are wanted and loved.

I remember this guy, his name was Jonathan Bander, the reason I know is because in order to demonize him the paper published his whole name. I’ve also been trying to find him to get a copy of the motions he filed so I can maybe get my records I’ve been waiting for for almost 6 years.

The great news is this time it looks like he may not have to go to court because the local TV Stations picked up the story and actually focused on the dog, not the public records so the local paper’s attempt at discrediting this man and trying to sway public opinion ~ FAILED

The city of Everett and the Herald must be so disappointed.