NO. You’re Not A Good Cop, Lawyer, Judge, or Prosecutor If You Don’t Do Something About The Bad Ones.

I’ve been working with a few “Good Cops” over the past 6 years. The one’s who try to do something about the bad cops, and it usually costs them their careers, their reputations, their marriages, and possibly their lives.

Then there’s the other ones…

The one’s who were part of the “Club” and who got pushed out, or didn’t get what they perceive to be their fair share of the “cut”, or worse yet, the ones who come to me to “give me a scoop” just because they want someone else cut out of the club.

The problem is that the local corruption in the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office goes from there, down to other smaller local agencies, and all the way up to the FBI, the DEA, and the Federal Marshals.

How do I know? Well an informant told me that the SnoCo Sheriff’s made drop offs at a certain “Massage Parlor” and I laid in the grass like an animal for hours at the designated time and sure as hell, a marked vehicle pulled up and pulled a black duffel bag out of his trunk as long as the trunk and when he came back out he had nothing. I got very fuzzy video of it but it was enough to prove the point.

The only agency I gave the original info to was the DEA, and next thing you know my house got robbed and my informant is dragging himself out of the woods with a bullet in him. No, I don’t have any proof that all 3 things were connected but I don’t believe in coincidences, not those kind.

Sadly some of the cops I do work with are also in hiding, which says everything about the current state of affairs of our law enforcement system.

So how does this happen? It most certainly doesn’t happen over night and it most certainly isn’t delegated to one or two types of agencies.

The police are the ground level, but they wouldn’t be able to do what they do without the help of prosecutors, judges and lawyers.

The problem is that it involves 4 very inclusive branches of government, they stick together no matter what and those that don’t, are completely destroyed.

Our forefathers warned us of this hundreds of years ago, that when we give all the power to a very few branches of govt then we are being ruled under tyranny, and that is where we are today

The ONLY way to solve this is to make the Washington State Bar a state agency with citizen oversight, and separate the lawyers, prosecutors, and judges, and to have more citizens oversights committees for police depts, and create better laws.

I have been trying to do that for years, but I had someone that I thought was an activist standing in my way. Now that I’ve removed that individual from my life I can get back on track.

7 years ago I bought an onion, it appears to have a little black spot on the outside and I thought, no big deal, I’ll just peel away at that layer, but layer after layer got worse and worse which is how I came up with my rotten onion analogy of the corruption going on in our state.

Sadly it is more like a moldy loaf of bread, one piece can have a tiny bit of mold on it that you can see but the whole loaf is affected, you can’t see it but the spores are everywhere, and they will infect the rest of the loaf no matter what you do. You can take out that bad piece of bread, you can cut the entire crusts off but the spores will still be there.

At least with an onion, if you catch it in time you can get rid of the rot.

Every election the voters have had a real chance to change what is going on, the power is in the people, it always has been. We’ve just become so lazy, uneducated and complacent that we are to blame for all of this. It seems with every election when the voters put the same trash I spent years proving was corrupt back in office I just die a little bit more.

I swear there are days when I want to just shut this paper down and go enjoy my life somewhere else, but I just don’t know how to quit fighting.

There are around 200 murdered and missing in Snohomish County, most unsolved, some have not even been investigated. That is 400 parents, possibly 600 siblings, maybe 300 children. Do you have any idea how much noise 1300 committed people can make?

What do most of you do? You hide, you cower, you won’t tell your child’s story and most of you know who murdered your child, yet there you are crying in your corner.

There are only 5 mothers who are making any noise and the cops keep trying to charge them with crimes, they actually succeeded with one. So while you other 1295 cowards hide in your corners, you are just as culpable in the deaths of those who were killed after your family member.

Facebook has groups you can create, you can vote for someone new, hell you can even get into office yourself. At least go to council meetings, and research laws they are passing, and contracts they are giving to their friends and family. You can picket, protest, you can go to Olympia and lobby. You can stand together, create your own committees, you can file recalls. You can even make citizens arrests.

Once these scumbags realize you will stand up for yourself they will go running because their only power is your FEAR.

I hope all of my readers will remember this: I am not here for titles, awards or prizes. I don’t make money off of this and when I do get donations, I’ve got another insane wench trying to destroy me because of her jealousy. I don’t answer to a corporation, or an editor, and I most certainly don’t let an advertiser dictate what I write or don’t write.

I do this for the people of this county and of this state.

I’ve got 23 grandkids, (and 1 one the way) 4 biological kids, 3 adopted kids, an awesome husband, and I’m terminally ill. I could and should be doing anything else but living in hiding.

I’m doing my part, I just need you to do yours.