November 2017 Elections – City of Everett Mayor

Here is who we have to choose from in this November’s Election:

The candidates featured in this series are ones I have run a full background check on, and that I have investigated to the fullest of my ability. The one’s that I have endorsed are in bold letters. If neither candidate is in bold letters that means I can not find any good reason to endorse either of them.

I hope that you will also take the time to investigate and communicate with these people on your own as well. Don’t just take my word (or my opinion) for it.

You will also notice that I have not only crossed “party lines”, I have zig-zagged across them. I am not concerned about parties I am only interested in who has the citizens best interests at heart

You may also notice that some of the newer candidates have a “past” or may have had financial difficulties. As odd as this sounds those are the people we need in office. The people like 98% of the rest of us.

People who have never had to chose whether to buy medication or pay a power bill are so far out of touch with our reality that they have no business making any decisions for any of us.

Some have a criminal history. I have reviewed all of them, and all have been dismissed. The most important thing is that they were vindicated and didn’t use their political power to “get out of it” they fought for the truth and took their lumps so to speak.

City of Everett Mayor

Cassie Franklin 4,233 31.62%
I know, you’re probably thinking: What the…? Well here is my reasoning. I can have a “personal” opinion about someone but still endorse their abilities because I am hoping that at the end of the day we can all get behind the ones who will work for us. She is part of the machine, but she also knows what the community needs are. The city of Everett is a virtual trash pile with epidemic drug use, deaths, and homelessness. She has had her boots on the ground, even though her, and her minions brutalized a young rape victim, we can hope she learned something from this.

Judy Tuohy 3,947 29.48%
Ms Touhy seems to be a very nice person and extremely intelligent: but I am not sure if she understands the full ramifications of the crisis that is going on in the city. This is a make or break and if it is not done right Everett will truly end up being the armpit of Snohomish County