One Year Ago Brandon “Bubba” Perecz Went Missing

After a year, there have been no answers in the disappearance of Brandon “Bubba” Perecz


Instead of the Snohomish County Sheriff’s investigating his death, they chose instead to show up to his mothers house with 12 deputies and the Health Department today, to harass her, sending a clear message to keep her mouth shut and quit looking for answers.

I guess that’s how they celebrated the anniversary of his disappearance…

Since they know who killed him and where his mother can find his body maybe they should buck up and tell her.

I suspect they may have helped dispose of the evidence and possibly his body as well so she may never have the answers she needs.

Yes I am calling the Snohomish County Sheriffs murderers:

Even if they didn’t pull the triggers in some of these cases they are still complicit for protecting these murderers. Mostly because they are too lazy to do any real police work so they rely on theses snitches to do their jobs for them.


You may be able to terrorize her but I suspect that she will never shut up, but by showing up and threatening her today, you have made it crystal clear that you are guilty of accomplice to murder and that you know exactly what happened to Bubba and by who’s hands that he died.

I am not going to stop until you get off your butts and arrest your little snitches who took this boy from his family and son, believe that.