OP/ED Autistic boy slapped on the bus by former Judge

Jeanette Burrage has been many things

1 Council Member, City of Des Moines, 2012-present
2 Candidate, Washington Supreme Court, Associate Justice, Place 9, 2006
3 Council Member, City of Des Moines, 1994-1995
4 State Representative, Washington State Legislature, 1981-1982
5 School Bus Driver, Highline School District, 2011-present
6 Attorney, 1989- present
7 Substitute Teacher, Highline School District, 2001-2004
8 Judge, King County, 1995-2001
9 Financial Consultant, Organizational Consultants, Inc., 1982-1983

Now she is a child beater… Reports say she has 2 children of her own, which leads one to wonder how they were treated.

Not only did she slap someone else’s child in public in front of witnesses but that child was a special needs student. Someone should have reminded her she is no longer a Judge who can do what she feels like to anyone.

The school distirct is one of the poorest most underfunded ones in our state, which turns out the likes of Mary Kay Letourneau, it was a district my children went to for a time but after the 5th lockdown in less then a month, I made the decision to home-school. Trust me when I tell you that any teacher or any other employee, that remains in that school district does so because they love children and their job more then earning any meaningful living. (Or they have ulterior motives like Ms Letourneau and Ms Burrage) My son was in the same class and Vili is my nephew so I am not unbiased in any fashion, which is why this is in the OP/ED section

The child in question was Autistic like me, reports say the school district changed his usual itinerary and put him on a regular bus, instead of his usual van.

That was the 1st mistake, the next was leaving him vulnerable with an abuser.

He can be seen crawling under the seat after he is slapped and then Burrage calls and says he tried to assault her. Cops come and haul the kid home. Since he is almost non-verbal he could not communicate to his mother what really happened but the school district was notified and never notified the mother, it took another child to tell her what happened to her son.

You have to wonder how many child abuse, spouse abuse, and assault, cases she presided on.

You also have to wonder what it was inside of her, deep inside her being, that thought that she could do this to another person’s child and get away with it.

The good news is that she stepped down from the Des Moines City Council so taxpayers won’t have to pay for her defense.

If you look at her website it would seem she is spun out of gold: she even served on “The Select Committee on Child Abuse”

Why Vote Jeanette Burrage?

Why I am running and qualified to be a Des Moines City Council Member

by Jeanette Burrage:

    I have worked with the other city council members in Des Moines to keep the city running while we are suffering from decreased revenues.

    I want to see cities’ lost revenue of their share of liquor taxes restored by the State.  I want to see sales tax equalization restored that was taken away about ten years ago. Cities including Des Moines, Burien, Kent and Normandy Park should receive the sales tax their citizens pay, not have Seattle and Tukwila keep all the taxes we spend there.

    Here is a short version of some of my jobs, positions, and responsibilities:

    I am currently serving as a City Council Member in the City of Des Moines.  I was a King County Superior Court Judge for five years and Executive Director of the Northwest Legal Foundation for five years before that.  I am currently a school bus driver and member of Teamsters Local 763.  I received my law degree from the University of Washington, where I also earned a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a major in accounting.  Budget Analyst and Accountant were two titles I held in employment.  While I was in high school I worked for Taco Bell.

    I was elected to the State Legislature in 1980 and served there as Vice Chairman of the Appropriations Human Services Committee, and on the Local Government and Institutions Committees.  I also served on a temporary committee, The Select Committee on Child Abuse.  I Co-chaired that committee with a Democrat State Representative.  We Republicans, who had control of the House, determined that issue was not a partisan one.

    I am currently co-leader of the SW Coalition Against Trafficking, which seeks to eliminate forced teenage prostitution and other forms of modern slavery.  Washington’s statutes are a model for the nation, but as most people can see, more must be done on prevention of new victims (educating teenagers), assistance for those who are trapped, and punishment for the traffickers.

    I currently serve as the Des Moines representative to the South King County Area Transportation Board.  I have been on the board of Citizens to Save Puget Sound, the Senior Center of West Seattle, Committee Chairman of Boy Scout Troop 398 and past president of the local P.E.O. chapter, an organization dedicated to assisting women in college pursuits.

    My husband, John, and I have been married for 27 years.  We have two children that we’ve raised right here in Des Moines.  John has a small business with three employees, including himself.

    People have told me I am a balanced, open and, results-driven candidate.  Please support me in this effort.

    If you will help me, I will continue to work in Des Moines for you and your family.  We simply can no longer just throw money at problems, expecting solutions.  I will work to eliminate government waste and inefficiencies. Yes, it’s time for change.  I look forward to working with you to bring back some balance and long-range solutions in the City of Des Moines.


Jeanette Burrage

Therein lies the problem… On paper most of our elected leaders sound great, in “action” not so much.

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