OP/ED Governor Inslee is still merely a lawyer protecting other lawyers

Most of us have seen the video of Mr. Zambrano Montes being gunned down like an animal, hearing 17 shots being fired by 3 different officers “defending” themselves against a man with a very slight stature who had run out of rocks to throw.

We know that Governor Inslee refused to appoint a special prosecutor when it was clear that the current prosecutor should be removed at all costs. Not only in the interest of justice but in the interest of law.

I have asked for a statement from his family & from his attorney. I am hoping they send it so you can see it from their perspective but we are jumping ahead a little here.

Gov Inslee was thought to be a good man, that assertion was incorrect. To date the only interest he has protected in this state is those of his fellow attorneys and politicians. He has not made one decision that was in the best interest of the citizens of this state, all of his political activity has been for corporations and special interest groups, even being tied to the corrupt ousted Governor or Oregon’s associates.

The coroner did an initial autopsy on Mr Montez, but the family had an independent autopsy done. The independent autopsy showed that Mr Montez had indeed been shot in the back, contrary to the state’s coroner. Why would they lie? The question should be: Why would we ever believe anyone in govt or politics. It should be noted that Governor Inslee still doesn’t see anything wrong with the whole situation yet but he will be sure to act if he does.

You have to ask yourself what it would take for him to persecute his fellow lawyers. He won’t, his position is crystal clear, he will not protect the citizens of Washington from police, he will halt the death penalty yet he won’t stop cold blooded murders in the streets of our communities. His statement makes that clear:

Inslee replied to that request that county prosecutors have a legal duty and moral obligation to investigate and prosecute crimes that occur in their regions, and they should not be removed from their positions “absent very specific, tangible and compelling reasons.”

In other words the prosecutors, police and coroner have a license to lie, approved and protected by our Governor.

We did manage to get the letter that was sent to Gov. Inslee and his reply


We also received his reply which is nothing more then lip service by an up and coming career politician


Politicians are not our friends, they are not loyal to the voters, they are loyal themselves and their best interests. The quicker we all realize that the better off we will all be. Not to say they are all bad but most are. Our states politics and policies have proven that time and again.

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