OP/ED Why Do I Let Certain Comments Stand?

I got a couple of emails about a snarky comment that was directed at me asking why I didn’t just delete the comment.

I operate on zero ego, I believe every opportunity to learn should be taken and I love the 1st Amendment with every cell in my body.

Besides that I’m a big girl, I don’t get my feelings hurt by someone hiding behind a computer who can’t even use their real name. Some people use a handle but they let you know exactly who they are and those are the type of people I will engage with.

Although I appreciate all of my readers, I am more likely to engage with local readers because that is my target audience and the reason I write this newspaper.

The internet is a wonderful tool if used correctly but there are people who use it to take out their anger and hurt out on others, that is their issue, not mine.

I also have faith that my readers are adult enough to see these comments and take them for what they are.

On that note I also welcome my readers to engage with me and call me out if they think I’m wrong, or express their opinions which again is a learning opportunity for me.

I am not dumb enough to think I know everything and this is a community newspaper. That is why if I make a mistake I don’t just go edit it and pretend it didn’t happen, I post the correction and let my readers know I screwed up something because that is the right way to do things.

Like I always tell you: I don’t need you to think like me, I just want you to think. Part of that is challenging what we think we know and expanding our knowledge base