Pay to Click Journalism v. Activist Journalism

Well it seems as though the Herald isn’t making many friends, as par for the course.

I belong to a facebook community group called Snohomish County Crime and Community Page

I also have my own SnoCo group but it’s for a specific purpose, the other one has something like 36K members with tons of good community info, news, crime reporting, and other tidbits relevant to SnoCo.

That group will always be successful because the Herald cut off the comments sections so people can no longer interact, comment or ask questions so they go to the group to do this.

Humans are by nature “pack animals” they want to be involved, they want to be heard, they want to learn, and they want to have a say.

Most of my readers know I started this “Newspaper” to report on things the Herald wouldn’t or couldn’t. Also to try to shame them into actually reporting the news by giving them a run for their money.

I would define my goal as Activism Journalism, pay to play journalism has it’s place if it is reporting relevant and meaningful stories. Not spoon fed PR for the county and the city actors.

We have the readership, but it is only me and a few guest authors, whereas the Herald has an entire staff and innumerable resources.

They also have to pay for all those resources and all those people. All I have to do is pay for records, travel, hosting, and web development.

This SnoCo group often posts stories from the Herald, but they include the stories with the link to the Herald. This “editor” likens the SnoCo group to shoplifters saying that Facebook earns revenue from the Herald stories, but the truth is that since the Herald has closed it’s online paper so that you have to subscribe to read, they are simply upset that someone got news for free…

I have been in the group for some time and I have never seen them post a story without a link back to the Herald, ever.

The group admins spend hours everyday doing what they do for free to help their community, they do this for free, comparing them to a thief is hardly a correct response. They are also the very definition of community advocates/activists.

I’ve seen many stories in this group that popped up the next day in the Herald so maybe they need to thank the group admins for the leads, but they don’t.

Attention Members:

It has come to our attention that sharing Everett Herald stories in their entirety is a violation of their respective copyright & violates Facebook’s rules. An example of this would be to copy and paste the news story into a post or comment. You/We are still allowed to share news stories via links to the Everett Herald’s social media content. Thank you for your understanding, SCCC Admin

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Jarrett Pilkey Oh darn, I wasn’t going to pay to read their biased crap anyways lol
Sally Jo Sebring That makes sense. I value the coverage to Snohomish County issues they give that we would not get from any other media source.
Lavonne P Always link to original story and source.
Lisa Warren It was always linked.
Lorraine Munson Does not let me open article, so couldn’t read it. I watch for similar article from tv. news stations. I miss reading the Everett Herald. I just have to keep to my budget, husband has had two stem cell transplants. I credit The Herald with fostering my daughters love of reading when she was 8 years old I showed her article about a horse being rescued. She read The Herald everyday after, she is 41 now.
Jason Setzer I blocked the Herald. Their policies are nearly as bad as their content.
Sarah Dilling For those who choose not to read the Everett Herald content, that’s fine. For those who clamor “oh noes, I can’t see it, it’s all asking me to sign up! who can copy it here”, the answer is now “no one”.
Ruth Ann Thanks for trying SnoCo Crime and Community page Admins!
Sammy Chapman Journalists need to get payed in order to continue doing their job people haha
Jason Setzer Agreed. But they have to produce content people want in order to be paid. It’s a vicious cycle.
Laura Murril If anyone actually knew how many media outlets get stories from this page, you’d be shocked. I will continue to allow them to pull stories from this page that I created for free. 🙂
Steven Bullock Sadly we are not recognized for the information that we provide to the media outlets. It would be nice of them to say they seen or heard about the story from a Facebook group called Snohomish County Crime and Community.
Amanda Stewart Exactly. I agree with both statements
Chelsea McClay Maybe if they don’t want to share with the group the group should stop sharing with them… just a thought. This is supposed to be a free local news source so being led to content you have to pay for is frustrating.
Lisa Warren Well stated Chelsea
Christy Hale Brovan Since being a member of this group, I can recall countless stories that came across here first, either by admin scanner posts or members posting an incident directly, that have become major stories. I most always hear of an incident here, then the following day or later, the media picks up the story and at times fills in blanks of what happened. I have no doubt media reporters monitor this group for leads. SCCC is a group with integrity and I agree with Steven, a mention of this group would be nice.
Angel Brave FB doesn’t need any more revenue. Separately, local journalists and their coverage are important.
Lexi Middlebrooks the heralds online stories have said for the last 2 months that I’ve reached my limit 🙁
Joseph Haskett Just looking for some more Income for the LACK of News coverage by The Hearld since a Canadian Group bought them.
Kate Mercer Same here. So frustrating!
Angel Brave Maybe subscribe?
Lexi Middlebrooks I thought you could read 5 stories/ month?
Lisa Warren Thankfully there are many other media options!
Angel Brave Just make sure they follow some good journalistic rules. I see a lot of click bait trying to pass as real articles.
Alison King It says that, but I haven’t been able to read even 1. I found other news outlets. I don’t watch the news with small children in the house and rely online. I enjoyed the Herald and their focus, some of the time. Oh well!
Lisa Warren Please realize that Everett Herald is not an economical link to use. They limit readership to subscribers. This is problematic for those not able to finance reading. I will seek links that do not show economic prejudice.
Raymond Yeager Stop reading there stuff when they were bought by a Canadian Company
James Marion This might be the nail in The Herald’s coffin. I understand, journalists need to get paid, but they should be following in the footsteps of many other now-thriving news agencies and make their money off ad revenue, not hoarding their information from people that might not be able to afford it.

Lisa Warren Well stated James Marion

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Alison King You guys didn’t intend to break any laws, I’m glad they came to you rather than just pursue charges!
Lisa Warren Please realize that Everett Herald is not an economical link to use. They limit readership to subscribers. This is problematic for those not able to finance reading. I will seek links that do not show economic prejudice.
Matt Utley That is kind of the point
Matt Utley Well they are right. Much respect for bringing this to everyone’s attention
Sue Aronson Andrews Sammy Chapman, I wonder if he will return my money I’ve paid for the newspaper delivery, that we are NOT getting. I’ve left 2 messages and talked to a woman three times. I don’t think getting the Sunday paper twice on Mondays counts for delivery of the weekend papers. Yes I get it, just venting.
Sue Aylward I tried to hide that link, but it keeps showing up. So annoying! If I can’t read it, I don’t want to see it.
Sarah Czajkowski I don’t read anything Herald or q13 anymore. Between subs and ads half the time you can’t even get the full story anyway.
Lisa Rookaird This was deleted by someone for some reason, so I will post again:
I’m in 100% support of the Herald for requesting to take their content down and requesting subscription payment for access. Journalists should be paid for the content they are producingSee More
Chelsea McClay I agree The Herald has a right to do this, and I support them thinking they need to do it as a new source of revenue. However, I don’t think this group should allow their content to be posted any longer -meaning no links to anything on their site. This group was created as a quick FREE way to inform our community about the happenings around us. The Herald no longer wishes to support that, so in my opinion, this group should no longer support them being here.
Ben Carson The Everett Herald is an anachronism that I remember from my childhood… It’s struggling to stay relevant and cover its costs. Report the news, please
Gary R Porter Wow…what a loss….LMAO
Denise Gulas Many of their stories are just regurgitated national media so I refuse to pay.
Mike Stevens i was a herald subscriber but i live in goldbar and i leave for work at 345 am every morning i like to read the paper during breaks and lunch at work not when i get home at 4 pm and the paper was never here when i left, so i started stopping at a paperSee More
Dwight Voeks Interesting because I never liked them and I don’t even follow their page yet they appear on my news feed almost daily because I have commented on a few of their stories. They also appear on facebook that has no such copywrite compliance laws so you won’t get into trouble when sharing. I believe that is understood when you sign up for facebook. I personally don’t think The Herald has grounds to stand on when they know their stories will be shared by users.
Chuck Taylor “You will not post content or take any action on Facebook that infringes or violates someone else’s rights or otherwise violates the law. … If you repeatedly infringe other people’s intellectual property rights, we will disable your account when appropriate.”
Janna Marie Dahl Please be aware: calling and venting at the circulation CSR’s over a copyright policy they have no control of is a waste of time. The CSR’s deal with circulation only, and have no part in any views expressed in the paper or control over copyright law. They have no time for bs, either, so if you start swearing or being rude, they are allowed to hang up on you if you aren’t being proffessional. Please keep this in mind while calling.
Kate Spencer I find this to be disappointing. There are different ways to get money such as advertising like what some people suggested. I’ve read The Everett Herald for many years since I was a kid and I currently subscribe to their physical newspaper. It doesn’t settle right with me that they’re allowed to be in groups like this one and publish stories without giving credit to their sources when we’re not even able to read their stories beyond the 5 limit. I’m all about supporting local and small businesses, but this is silly. I am afraid this might be the beginning of their path to going out of business because they’re not choosing better alternatives to still allow their readers to view their articles. I hope I’ll be wrong but right now, it’s not looking good for The Everett Herald…
Chuck Taylor As I explained in my note to the group, advertising does not cover the cost of reporting and disseminating the news. We need a variety of revenue streams. It’s a fact of life for non-global media companies. There are few daily newspapers in the country now that don’t have some form of subscription for unlimited access.
McCahl Surdyk Couldn’t agree more Kate. Well said.
Kate Spencer Chuck: As stated above in my original comment, advertising was just one example; there are other options to explore and use for covering the expenses. 🙂 And please start giving credit to where some of the stories were gotten from such as this crime page. If TEH readers knew, we’ll probably have more [new] members in our crime groups. The irony of this doesn’t escape me for both sides (no story credit & 5 limit).
Chuck Taylor Can you give an example or two of uncredited stories? And we’re all ears about alternative sources of revenue.
Sue Aronson Andrews Chuck you need to provide good customer service to be respected as a business. I’ve paid for the paper, I’m not receiving it. Good writers always leave their readers wanting more. If the Support team behind the paper isn’t doing their job, the paper itself will not receive support.
Chuck Taylor Sue Aronson Andrews Can you tell me more about the delivery problem and give me a phone number someone here can call to straighten it out?
Sue Aronson Andrews I’ve called and talked to someone 3 separate times and left 2 messages. (360) 631-8302

Mariah Noble is free. They have reporters don’t they? They definitely aren’t a big news company, but they find a way

Michelle Craver Sue Aronson Andrews we had the same issue. Half the time it wasn’t delivered or we’d get it delivered with the next days paper. Signed up for 10 weeks and canceled after that. It was more work to call constantly then it’s worth. What ever happened to paper boys? We always got our paper when kids delivered.
Alison King What is really frustrating is that they say they allow you 5 articles a month, but I have not been able to view even 1. Has anyone else actually been allowed to view any (without a subscription?) The Seattle times does this also, but I am able to view the minimum before they cut me off.
Ruth Ann I can view….with just limited views left…..on a PC.
Holly Ingle on pc when you hit your limit just clear your cookies (or cache) and you get 5 more 🙂
Lisa Warren Or browse incognito / in secret. Or avoid Everett Herald and support media sources that are resourceful enough at operating successfully without being economically prejuduce. Budgeting properly and being creative with revenues will benefit them. They -Everett Herald- could start by looking into wage expenditures and how their employees spend their on clock time, also the image they’re portraying to public eye. With what I have witnessed this week alone, they’ll no longer receive any of my monies or readership. Less readers equals less ad views!
Steve Davis sounds like the heralds business model is a dinosaur. time to consult with thriving online news sources on how to generate revenue, or go the way of the dinosaurs. Benchmark, adapt, improvise and evolve or you will eventually perish. Hope it works out for you.
Holly Ingle For many years we’ve subscribed to the paper version of the Everett Herald but in the last few years it has gone downhill SO bad we canceled back in May…..Mondays paper was the worst ever, nothing that happened local from Fri. Sat & Sun was reported on till Tues or Wed. and by then it was old news…..My bf used to like to read it in the bathroom but it got to point where he’d be done with paper before he was done, if you know what I mean 🙂
Victor Ollie Harris I understand…but I don’t If I copy and paste their own link, from’s theirs and correctly attributed, correct?
Bonnie Bridges Stecher I grew up reading the Everett Herald. Now, we have gone from daily to weekend to Sunday only. Mainly for sale flyers, coupons and the Sunday comics. The content is so biased it is hard to stomach.