People Are Dying To Feed The System

War makes people billions of dollars so it seems appropriate to call our drug epidemic “The War On Drugs”

Truth is, that it is the biggest money maker our nation has ever known.

One of the first journalists to expose the CIA bringing in crack cocaine to intercities found himself discredited and ruined. He somehow managed to “commit suicide” by shooting himself TWICE in the head… The documents contained here prove he was right on target.

Terrifyingly enough the DEA will work with the heads of these drug operations to take down their own men. Figure that one out if you can.

There are literally billions of dollars being pumped into the courts, police departments, prisons, jails, and research entities in this state alone.

So what is the incentive to curb or eliminate this “epidemic”? None.

The only action that Governor Inslee has instituted that made any sense is that he cut off funding for all of these “Task Forces” that operate outside the law as non-profits in order to evade the public records act. So they must get their funding solely from the Federal Govt and it has to be totally out of hand so they receive more and more funds.

Snohomish County is perhaps the hardest hit region in this state because there is such a climate of corruption in the legal system.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s relationship to the Drug Cartels and the Bikers who move the drugs in is well documented and has been going on since the 70’s. Because we ALL go to Sinaloa, the drug capitol of Mexico for vacation and in the poorest country in the world, “robbers” always leave your money and jewelry behind.

This was a very valuable lesson for the Sheriff’s Dept, they learned to wait for the drugs to come to them from that point on.

In the meantime… Our children, parents, siblings, family members and friends are dropping dead at a breakneck speed.

Homes, cars, and business are being robbed, and the police are not investigating or pressing charges.

We are being taxed to death, yet nothing is getting better, and nothing is changing for the better, in fact: Quite the opposite.

We’ve got a non profit partnering with Pat Slack of the regional drug task force and handing out boxes of 100 needles at once to people, and then we have citizens trying to clean up that mess.

The Public Health Dept also gets funds to help with addiction and their answer? Needle pick up kits. Seriously? They get a large amount of money for treatment but instead of using it in a meaningful way, when they have 100’s of thousands of dollars left at the end of the year, they use it to obtain online degrees to further their positions in the health dept or at another company.

Now that citizens are getting wise to the fact as to where the 1000’s of needles are coming from, these non-profits are all deflecting, name changing and name calling. Not to mention using very thinly veiled threats.

Here is an ongoing thread in one of the clean up groups. Very clearly stating that Hope Crew, Hope Soldiers, and the Hand Up Project are indeed partners, and that they are working with “the Snohomish county sheriff’s office” – meaning Pat Slack, and oh by the way they are considering cleaning up after themselves now.

I find it “precious” that they claim that the new problem is that they are getting an influx of King County addicts, which is an absolute complete and total lie, but hey, someone might be stupid enough to believe it. Right?


I’m sorry  but this doesn’t seem like a hand up or hope of any kind, it seems more like a way to keep your customers alive so you can keep making money off of them.

If we took 50% of the money being given to the courts, jails, prisons, prosecutors, probation officers, and police we could run atleast a 500 bed facility with just those funds alone. If we took more we could probably eradicate the problem entirely. That is a sad fact, and an even sadder reality.

Isn’t anyone tired of losing property, sleep and loved ones yet?