Public Records Act and other jokes in SnoCo

An anonymous source sent me some emails, well over a 1000 of them detailing a few county actors defying and violating the Public Records Act, the ringleader always seems to be our very own

~ Ms Di Di Di Vittorio ~

She is the main cause of the hundreds of 1000’s of dollars that have been paid out for PRA violations just in this year alone. So how did she get so much power?

Well look to Mark Roe:

She represents his office and is his employee so she wouldn’t be able to any thing without his approval

Now they are doing everything they can to harass folks from getting public records and sadly it may work on some people, but they are also leaving themselves open to even more lawsuits (…but hey, it’s our money so why should they care? No skin off their backs)

When he’s not busy letting rapists off with no consequences (makes you wonder who their parents are) he is evidently letting the rest of his staff do whatever they please.

You would be horrified how many county employees are child molesters and rapists but it makes perfect sense to hire them because they are easily controlled and manipulated.



Unfortunately I can not release the records I was given because it would put my source in jeopardy of their own job:

Forgive me but I am so incredibly frustrated with the 10’s of 1000’s of documents I have and can not release because it could destroy an innocent person’s life who did nothing wrong, but I did send off this letter earlier:

PRA Witholdings and Harassment

Mr Somers,

Gage Andrews and Sara DiVittorio (2 more Reardon appointees-of course) have decided that when someone is requesting public records that they must do anything in their power to prevent that from happening.

There is a memo circulating where Mr Andrews is forbidding people from emailing information and from putting it in a service like dropbox or drive. They have also made a “new rule” that you have to get a money order at the cost of up to 4.00 and they no longer accept cash. It is either checks, credit cards, or money orders.

To that end, I personally would never give anyone in SnoCo that much of my personal information and in keeping with the right to anonymity (guaranteed by law) and I’m sure countless others would not either.

In this age of technology and in the effort at leaving the least of carbon footprint as possible there should be no reason to have to put anything on a disk. Add to that the cost of gas to come down to retrieve records or the cost of mailing along with the paper waste.

One would also think that it would be common sense (which seems to be fairly uncommon in regards to the PRA in SnoCo) that being able to retrieve electronic records…. well, electronically would be a no brainer. It would also be common sense to put them on a board the way the Port of Seattle and the Federal Govt do: That way if you get a repeat request you can simply point the requester to those documents which may require more searching by the requester, but I for one have found this to be the most expedient way sometimes to obtain those records. In about 9 cases I haven’t had to ask for records because they were already posted. I didn’t have to wait for my 5 day latter and then go through the “installments” get in the car and go get a money order, or drive down to Everett where the traffic is already a nightmare, I simply clicked on a link, it took longer to search but really: Who cares, I got the info I needed.

Maybe Ms DiVittorio wouldn’t have to go back down to Olympia and make putzes out of our county by exclaiming “She was running out of money to protect her employees” from not complying with the public records act.

I hope that you can understand what a joke of a crapshow our county has become because of these high school antics. I would like to know where or when the council approved these changes. I am going to do a story that clearly shows Ms DiVittorio tampering with Public Records and then I will contact those people who seem to be very adept at filing lawsuits against the county, and now I have other emails detailing her responsibility in several other major lawsuits in this county that came about due to her directive.

Many county employees are sick of this across the board as well which is how I get so much information – there is such a climate of fear in most of the departments and people are being ordered to do things, many things against their conscience and/or illegal, but if they don’t: they get fired, or harassed out of a job.

I hope that one of your first missions as our Executive is to order all the personnel files of everyone who has been let go over the past 8 years, and everyone of the Lovick and Reardon flunkies: Call in the ones who have been fired to get their side of the story and replace them with the L&R crew. Our county can only get better for it. (they probably knew more of what they were doing then the little cronies that have sucked our county coffers dry by using taxpayers as their own personal johns with open wallets).

The next thing I’d like to address is Stephanie Wright, Brian Sullivan, John Lovick and Mark Ericks use of personal phones and emails to conduct county business. Did you know that THEY are allowed to go through their own personal emails and “decide” which ones they will give up or share??? Really? I think we have more then established through their own actions that they are not trustworthy. Once they have used those to conduct county business they all belong to the PUBLIC, and there is no way I trust them to tell on themselves. Most of them wouldn’t know the truth if it blew in their ear and told them it’s name.

Lastly: In the Reardon administration it was decided (I have the emails) that PDF’s would be not be transmitted in searchable format so that they could evade the public records: They could run a search and of course certain things wouldn’t come up and they could say they did a “reasonable search”.

That has backfired on them because some of the info I am now getting is people’s personal information, and I am receiving things I have NO business having, I have social security #’s health records, mental health records banking records, and other personal county documents.

The odd thing is it is only from employees that have become targets of the higher ups so it may be being done on purpose. The only one who is still with SnCo is ***** ****** and she had been harassed ad nauseum after being accused of being one of Aaron Reardon’s whore’s when it was never her, it was Deanna Dawson, and I also have the emails to prove that, as in Reardon wrote to another buddy in SnoCo on county mail that one of these days that ***** was going to let him nail her and he quit shortly after that. I also have proof of Deanna Dawson, and the proof that Tamara Dutton was thrown under the bus to save her. (You should go through the King County and State Patrol Records)

I am 3 inches away from filing a lawsuit that no one can fight, I have the proof I need, and the financial help to get the best of attorneys. The only thing that is stopping me at this point is that it is money that could go to the homeless, drug treatment, elderly, families and other community needs.

I just got over 1000 emails about a woman named *** ****** from someone still in the county so you’ll understand why I am not going to share them here, she was targeted by Sara Divittorio and Brian Lewis in a HUGE way, I’d call her in and get her side of the story and get those same emails and you will understand just how putrid of a cesspool these folks are running. I am not sure if I am going to share those with her or not yet, the problem with these kinds of emails is that they make great fodder for lawsuits but they cause so much pain and she seems like a genuinely good person, & from what I can see her husband got screwed even worse. (I’ve got about 800 emails to go on that)

If you could please address these issues or simply just put the records back in the Auditor’s Office that would be greatly appreciated. At this point I am giving a deadline of 6 weeks, you will take office in 4 weeks, I want my records that I have requested, I want the private emails and phone records that are being used for county business, I would also like it to be made available on dropbox or one drive and for these criminals to quit changing the rules just to harass people. (Yes I accused them of committing a crime while doing their job and I would gladly welcome any kind of a lawsuit because I have the proof to back up what I say, I always do, or I don’t say it, & that would give me the chance to file a counter suit and save myself some filing fees in the process and also make ALL of this a public record)


Brandia ~ Investigative Journalist

Snohomish County Reporter

Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has


I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of these people breaking the law, abusing it’s citizens, and costing us enough money over the years to have built the courthouse at least twice.

I would suggest everyone write to the County Executive come January and demand some accountability across the board from these corrupt employees

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