Public Records Act (The Will of the People) v. The Supreme Court

City and County actors along with some of our elected officials have been busy in Olympia trying to overcome the public records act, they can’t completely abolish it so they keep picking at it one line at a time to completely dismantle it.

If they don’t succeed they’ll be back again next year like some kind of a cancer. If that fails they’ll just work with Charlie Wiggens and Barbara Madsen to overturn it via their insane rulings.

Keep in mind that both of these people are friends with and have received gifts from some of the worst people in Snohomish County. So much so that I am creating a new website to sit alongside this because of all of the documents I have.

The truth is that until we vote these people out of office and someone else fights back we are all powerless to stop the Supreme, Appellate or even lower courts.

Supreme Court Judge Charles Wiggens is a weird fish and he has been flying under the radar for far too long. If you take a look at any of his previous work as an attorney he seemed to shine by getting rapists off the hook. He and his former partner Ken Masters defended the state to help Christine Gregoire cover up long term abuse at the OK Boys Ranch (Washington State’s version of the Franklin Sex Scandal but thanks to Gregoire, Masters and Wiggens very few of these sexual sadists were ever brought to justice)

These audio snippits are from a videotape from the Institutional Negligence of Children:The OK Boys Ranch Case. Attorney John Connelly Jr. and principal psychiatric expert Gilbert Kliman, M.D. Details of how children won compensation of over 35 million dollars from the Kiwanis Club and the State of Washington. Three hour video tape and 100 page handbook.

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This is a 29 minute audio that starts out with a Seattle King 5 TV news report from 1992 about the Olympia Kiwanis Boys Ranch, and then has portions of 13 OKBR kids giving videotape depositions in 1996 about their treatment at the OKBR. These kids were abused by other kids, and by the staff. They complained to the staff, the police, DSHS, Thurston county detention officials, judges, school people, friends, ect… They were punished for complaining. Their abuse was long-term and sadistic, and many people could have stopped it. These kids allegations of fact are frightening.

This is a 3 minute audio, where attorney John R. Connelly Jr. talks about how the OKBR case started. An OKBR 13 year old kid went to an Olympia attorney in 1992, otherwise it would have been covered up.

This is a 7 minute audio where attorney John R. Connelly Jr. tells how the OKBR kids hoped for help at the ranch. The insurance for the OKBR had exclusions for sex abuse, but allowed claims for “institutional neglect.” The OKBR defense attorney (Don Law), was a former OKBR board member. Jack Connelly said that the OKBR was comparable to a Nazi camp. A “smoking gun” memo was discovered late from DSHS that said “if plaintiffs attorneys find this information, the whole department will be compromised.” Discovery documents were withheld and OKBR attorneys were sanctioned $160,000 and DSHS attorneys were sanctioned $417,000.

This is a 2 minute audio, (from the longer 7 minute portion), where attorney Jack Connelly Jr. tells how the OKBR defense attorney (Don Law), was a former OKBR board member. John R. Connelly Jr. said that the OKBR was comparable to a Nazi camp. A “smoking gun” memo was discovered late from DSHS that said “if plaintiffs attorneys find this information, the whole department will be compromised.” Discovery documents were withheld and OKBR attorneys were sanctioned $160,000 and DSHS attorneys were sanctioned $417,000.

This 2 minute audio is the beginning of the John R. Connelly Jr. attorney seminar talk about “giving voices to children in the court room” held in San Francisco on June 12, 1998.

In this 1 minute audio, OKBR attorney John R. Connelly Jr. talks about how the Washington State Attorney Generals (Christine Gregoire) Office had the task of defending DSHS for the abuses at the OKBR and also halfheartedly prosecuted some OKBR officials.

AG intends to appeal OK Boys Ranch ruling to State Supreme Court - Washington State 2016-02-10 19-18-14


She did a great job pretending to be advocating for the children but once that failed and the cat was out of the bag then Ms Gregoire tried to backpedal and claim she was sorry for covering up this long term abuse of children at the hands of Washington state.


Ellensburg Daily Record - Google News Archive Search 2016-02-10 19-10-31

I’ve been going through some of Judge Wiggens ruling since he took the bench and I have to tell you if you are a rapist your best chance of getting your case overturned is getting in front of Wiggens. He goes absolutely nuts when he thinks someone is actually going to be charged.

In just one case alone, he seems to be livid that the other Judges aren’t following his lead. Deer V Washington State where an older woman claims she couldn’t have raped a kid because a couple of times they had sex while she was sleeping (it sounded plausible to Wiggens) Here is just an excerpt of an analysis of the case

Charged With Rape, the Court Falls Asleep 2016-02-10 20-10-17

Anyone who defends a child abuser, or a rapist is morally bankrupt and is a child molester themselves. Even if they have never acted on it, they have those tendencies and those charged with looking after our most vulnerable who turn a blind eye, like many of these people are just as guilty as if they had also assaulted the child themselves. In some cases they also participated in the abuse as well.

We must realize that is it the job of the courts to interpret the law, no matter what anyone is accused of, but it seems that Wiggens and Madsen have a penchant for trying to rewrite the law from the bench.

Some of you may know that the Supreme Court dismissed the Gold Bar v. Block case, they are nervous enough about it that they haven’t even listed it on their website yet, (it happened yesterday) this would be a very bad time to advertise that they have already overturned the Public Records Act completely negating the will of the people of Washington State.

So here is the “Scoop”

The records a certain citizen was seeking – Someone turned them over to me a while back but asked me not to turn them over until the Supreme Court decision, they were convinced the Supreme Court would “do the right thing” history has taught us otherwise. They all went into the mail last night.

I can tell you this much:

Someone formerly from the Justice Dept got some info they had no right to access, she sent it to the WSBA and to a law firm who accidentally sent it to Gold Bar who then shared it far and wide with many people.(but she got a cushy job out of the deal)

It doesn’t just involve a certain citizen though so until I have made sure that everyone involved has received the info relevant to them to start their own lawsuits and until I know that I can release it without harming their cases I have to sit on it. It will also need to be deeply redacted because it far more personal then anyone has any right to.

I also don’t want to give them a heads up because I have much more info they don’t even realize I or anyone else has, then the fact that a few people don’t know how to use the redaction feature, we have more then enough information to help those who have been abused.

Crystal Berg, Hill, Pennington just couldn’t keep this info to herself, she shared it with many many people so it’ll take them at least 60 tries to figure out who she sent it to who, who then sent it out to many other people so we are fairly secure that our source will never be found out.

Then just to add to the fun, the actual emails were not only about a certain citizen, they had info that Ms DiVittorio has been trying to hide with her buddy Lon Turner along some other people. That block of records was also accidentally forwarded to many other people so we got the proof and the evidence.

There are many other people involved but what you have to keep in mind is this: Judge Okrent, Judge Downs, Judge Lucas, Judge Appelwick, Judge Wiggens, Judge Madsen, Judge Jones, and many others have already seen this file, they have seen the emails, they know about the other emails that Gold Bar was hiding not associated with a certain citizen and they know what everyone has done. They are protecting a criminal enterprise, therefor they are part of the criminal enterprise.

That is no “conspiracy theory” it is a network of people trying to destroy one person, like they have done to many others. Once any jury sees this they will surely agree.