More Questions in Mark McDermott’s Death

I am going on the record as saying that I, in no way shape or form believe now that Mark McDermott ended his own life. This is my own personal opinion based on everything I have learned, and because of some of the actions and the actors involved in this.

Just to add to the weirdness, last night I decided to go through each of their monthly meeting that are posted online and these were missing:

all of 1999,
all of 2000,
all of 2001,
May 2002,
May 2003,
November 2010,
July 2014,
Jan,Mar,May, Sept 2015 They now say that there simply were no meetings during these months but then how did they approve the monthly spending?

It’s not weird that they were missing, it was weird that they were disappearing as I was trying to download them right in front of my face. It was weird that they blocked my IP once I started downloading them but I have a proxy that changes IP’s every 30 seconds so they couldn’t keep up with me and then I was able to get screen shots.

The more statements those involved and the investigating agencies make the less sense all of this makes.

It is also unknown why the Washington State Auditor gave them a clean audit in 2014

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According to everyone speaking to media now they claim McDermott was stealing at least 50K per yr since he became the director, yet 2013, 2014, and as far as I know 2015 came out clean from the state auditors office.

I’m not saying that it can’t be done, people hide questionable purchases all the time. What I am saying is this is an agency that gets state audits, that has a board that approves all spending, and then they have a budget sub-comittee that has to approve most of the spending. I was an accountant for many years, and I did most of the audits in the Social Security Offices in Snohomish County, (remember when the Lynnwood Office got shut down for quite a few months? That was because of what I uncovered there) so I understand more then anyone just how much sense the statements being made to other media doesn’t make any sense.

That’s the thing, these folks just keep talking and piling more crap on top of more crap, and it is starting to make less and less sense.

The tractor bugs me: How do you make a 32K purchase and no one knows? If in fact it was a purchase he was trying to hide or that he had buried why even mention it, or bring it back to SERS (because he considered that to be “their property” not his)

The folks running their gums also cite numerous times to the purchase of household items: My stepdad worked for Viacom many years ago and they paid for a shed to park the truck, and for cameras to watch the property so if he was keeping their property on his property then that is completely feasible.

As for the keypad door lock, if in fact he had SERS property on his property, the keypad makes sense if another SERS employee had to get access to the equipment, they could simply come in, grab the keys, get the equipment, and be on their merry way.

I don’t understand the ceiling fan but no one has proven to me it was in his house, they are just claiming he purchased it. They state in the media reports he bought it but they also state that the only thing they know that is still on his property is the gravel. They also make note he was installing cameras “bought with tax-payer money” the day they served a warrant on him at home, yet no mention of that being there or being returned can be found anywhere.

The lawn feed and top soil is obviously very questionable but the gravel might even make sense if he had approval, his house is so new it doesn’t even show up on a google map so it makes sense that if they were going to store equipment on his property and had set up a shed, (there is no indication that he had anything but the tractor stored in the shed) there would have to be access to it, there is only one known picture in public records of his property and that is concrete leading up to his house not gravel, and it is entirely possible that if they wanted him to keep property there, there may have been some damage from laying the gravel and that may be why he purchased grass feed, to restore what was damaged.


I don’t usually post my internal ramblings like this so I would like to apologize to my readers but several years ago I got a tip that John Pennington had a fall guy (McDermott) if the theft of money was ever actually discovered from the DEM, but I still am not sure how the DEM is connected to SERS since it was created in 1999 a few years before the DEM.

It seems Pennington was trying to put the seed in everyone’s mind that McDermott was a thief, as I said in my last story, there was mention of some Motorola radios from a “tip” I got but someone just further expanded on that: Seems McDermott just pulled up and started loading equipment into his vehicle and someone asked Pennington about it and they were told he didn’t know what was going on but to keep their mouths shut about it. Great way to plant the seeds of doubt. I didn’t pay any attention to it because I found a meeting agenda from SERS that plainly showed McDermott had given those radios to another agencies per an agreement

From now on people: If your going to give me a “tip” be clear, don’t give me hints and clues, just tell me what you are talking about. I am absolutely convinced that if I had had all of the information earlier that this man would not be dead. This is not wrongfully accused, or convicted, this is dead, no chance to clear his name, no chance to give his side of the story or even an explanation.

Now they are going to be able to blame all of this crap on a dead man, someone who can not defend themselves and they all walk away with their little palms nice and greased.I’m a going to keep digging until I get to the answers or my grave, I promise that much.

I do know some things: John E Pennington is a woman beater and a child abuser but he is a coward, so I don’t believe he is responsible for McDermott’s death, he doesn’t have the nerve, but I know that he is involved in what what going on at SERS in some way.

I am waiting for a copy of the autopsy and the toxicology report and I have one of the nations leading forensic specialists who has agreed to look at it for me, I will post it and his findings. His findings may include that they didn’t do a correct autopsy or it may provide answers