Racial Disparity Still Safe in the City of Everett Under Judge Jones Authority

Sadly, Judge Jones of the US Western District court strikes again.

No surprise because he did what he always does, he ruled in favor of the City of Everett in the Federal Lawsuit filed against the city by 3 minority Everett police officers Sgt. Manuel Garcia, former Sgt. Richard Wolfington, and officer Sherman Mah.

If you read his diatribe, and the city’s blatantly false and slanderous briefs and replies you will understand the true nature of the atmosphere in this city.

We managed to get a hold of the full statement, which deserves to be heard in full, not edited and cherry picked to make the city look like the victims.


As a minority even I don’t want to face discrimination, it is nothing that anyone wants to face head on. It is even worse when it is sanctioned by another minority.

Unfortunately there are still a few bad actors in the city of Everett, not all of them but the few who are, are in positions of absolute power. Sgt Fudge who has been on my radar for several years is named as one of the offending officers. He needs further scrutiny, much further.

I think 2 video’s speak volumes about the prevailing attitude towards minorities in the city. One could say that it is an isolated incident but they would be lying. This is just one of many incidents, the only difference here is that this was filmed, and memorialized for the world to see.

I did a story about this in September of 2011 and even then all of the evidence we presented to the city of Everett Police Dept was summarily ignored. It wasn’t even addressed until April of 2013, and even then he was allowed to resign, instead of being fired. Which means he is still getting our taxpayer money via his pension, he was allowed to abuse others freely and is still getting paid for it. Hardly seems right.

It should be noted that the last woman Officer Franklin was having an affair with was an employee at QFC which explains why he did not want to take the one from before that into the same QFC and made her hide if they did.


The following videos are of Everett Police Officer Franklin, even after the city was made aware of the incident they did nothing until this man terrorized many other minorities including rape. He was not charged with any of these crimes, however he was allowed to resign once he became an embarrassment to the city police force, and if enough people wouldn’t have squawked about him, he would still be violating the citizens of Everett.



Here is a follow up video



So Judge Jones ruled with the City of Everett ~ Snohomish County, just like he always does.

No sane person would ever believe that every person who has brought any proceedings against Snohomish County and it’s cities are always wrong, or have no case. That would be impossible, but if they can get their cases in front of Jones they are guaranteed a win.

I don’t want anyone to think that the entire police force, or the entire city of Everett are a bunch of KKK loving fools, there are many good kind decent people in both places. It may well be the reason that Chief Atwood left us so quickly. It all go back to the city’s elected leaders, they are the driving force behind every predicate act that goes on.

We can only pray that the 3 officers appeal the decision & get it out of the hands of Judge Jones. If there is any question as to his lack of integrity, one only needs to look at his history of rulings.

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