Sleazy Politics 101 Karen Guzak

I was trolling the PDC site and found a complaint lodged again John T Kartak who is running against Karen Guzak for Mayor of the city of Snohomish.

It was a ridiculous complaint about a campaign sign, (modeled after another complaint by someone else that actually had merit)

Karen Guzak did not have the nerve to file the complaint herself, instead she sent a kid in to do it, the same kid she placed on a board while she was trying to give away city property of a park so she could further line her pockets at taxpayer expense.

So you have to ask yourself: Why is this kid doing her bidding? (especially with her signs being worded the same exact way) Well it seems he “needed a job” and evidently Karen Guzak gave him one


My hope is Kartak wins and boots her buddies out of the houses she is providing for her friends for free, and he goes through and has a forensic accounting of city finances done, and that includes the thrift store.

I hope the citizens stop to realize what the relationship is between Lynn Schilaty, Karen Guzak and Braden Sigua. Sigua and Schilaty reside(d) at the same address if that’s any help.

Do you really need anymore years of Karen Guzak selling off city property to her friends, and destroying the transparency in the city?

Kartak may not be a “career Politcian” but he has the city’s and the citizen’s best interest at heart. Heck maybe he can even clean things up and get rid of some of the other taxpayer leaches. This is a case where the voters need to help themselves, not cater to the local electeds.