SnoCo Council manages to fix another Lovick cronyism flub

It is no secret our coroner’s office has been a nightmare.

Dr Norman Thiersch used it as his own personal terror terminal for 16 years, where he acted like an out of control child yet nothing was done about his mismanagement, or behavior until lawsuits starting rolling in and the county was forced to deal with it.

3 members of the Snohomish County Council finally made a move to fix what Lovick screwed up with his cronyism run rampant…

Wright and Sullivan are still Lovick lap dogs but atleast Klein, Somers and Ryan still have a backbone and may have saved the taxpayers 100’s of thousands of our hard earned dollars in potential lawsuits, investigations and other litigation.

The “Sandwich guy” just served Christman a very cold dish, one that should warm the heart of any hard working citizen of Snohomish County. When he (Christman) made that statement about Klein that should’ve sent a very clear message to the voters how Snohomish County Executive John Lovick, his Deputy Mark Ericks and the Medical Examiner’s Director Dan Christman felt about the common citizen.

So to recap: Lovick tried to circumvent state and county law by hiring his buddy to run the Medical Examiner’s office who is not a medical doctor, then he tried to bump up his salary even though he already cost the taxpayers his salary plus the cost of the investigation because of his and Mark Ericks death threats and other inappropriate comments to the council: somewhere around 10 to 15 thousand dollars.

I guess the only question is: When are the voters going to get tired of all the corruption and waste of tax dollars and vote for a change?


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