Thank You Readers For Your Patience

A good deal of my readers have emailed me asking where I was at, and why I haven’t been posting.

For those who didn’t know my children had become targets of the “gang stalking” and I have been getting them safely out of the state, or even country.

I am now confident that no one can get to them: So now back to reporting.

Generally when local govt wants to “shut you down”, they create charges that will keep you occupied and off their tails which is a direct attempt to discredit you.

If you have pets or small children, they get animal control or CPS involved. Again to discredit you, after they get the local media involved so you can be tried in “the court of public opinion”

Had I known this 21 yrs ago I could’ve saved myself and my children a lot of misery. Back then and even now.

I am going to address the many ways the media lies and embelishes. It is a cautionary tale, and even if you are in the right, it doesn’t matter.

I have had people ask me about a few stories published about me and my children in 1996 when I lived in Bellevue. They were published by the Seattle Times, who I worked for at the time.

Local News - An Arrest In `Filthy' Apartment Case - Seattle Times Newspaper 2016-08-15 19-19-45 Local News - Mom In Dirty-Home Case Is Held - Seattle Times Newspaper 2016-08-15 19-18-54

Evidently the state took my 2 younger children.

What the paper did not mention is that they did not take my 5 older children, my 5 siblings, my 2 nephews and my niece. They also never did a story about the fact that a foster child was placed with me not even 8 days afterwards.

They also did not fix the facts that I had asked them to:

  1. How in the hell did anyone expect me to go out of town with with 15 kids at home? I was working 8 jobs to feed and clothe those kids.

2. That the “rotting food” they were talking about was the moldy day old breads that the hostess bakery gave us all the time to feed the ducks. Ducks that would actually knock with their beaks at our sliding glass door to be fed.

3. Why in the world would they take only 2 children when my siblings were the same ages and younger?

4. My children were not actually at my house when my 14 yr old and another ladies 14 yr old got drunk and threw up.

5. A lady with 6 kids (who were fleeing a domestic violence situation) was also staying with me until she could get into a shelter, those were the kids who were being watched, not mine.

6. I proved in court that my house was not “filthy” yet Judge Alsdorf still would not return my children, even though I proved that my children had never been been hit, hurt, neglected or abused in any way.

In the mean time this man Daryl Womack was raping my babies while his wife Judy Womack was beating my babies.

Even though there had been numerous complaints about the abuse that was going on in this home, they left my children in that place.They are still doing foster care and live in Burien Wa.

Counselor’s even complained to the state when my children showed up with cuts, bruises, black eyes, fat lips and lumps on their head and all that happened was that the counselors got fired.

Woack Rapists

I eventually got my sister to take them under a guardianship so that we could get them out of there, and get them safe and out of the state’s hands.

I have had a lot of questions about this and I’ve had lawyers contact me saying I should sue the Times.

I haven’t answered much of the details because this was not just my story, it was also my twins and until they were ready it wasn’t my place to tell it. I don’t really care what anyone thinks of me, but I do care how my children feel.

As for the Times, they have reintroduced the story online instead of in their archives to try to shame and humiliate me, yet I have nothing to be ashamed of.

So how or why did this happen?

First off I was already in “the system” in and out of foster homes so they had my info and my history which is effectively a “Bullseye” on a former foster child’s back.

In 1992 on my birthday I was rushing to work at Microsoft (I later found out that Microsft gives you the day off on your birthday) I was hit right in front of my house head on in my brand new car which put me in a wheelchair while I was also fighting cancer.

My husband was holding my children back while they were screaming because they had witnessed the accident and in the meantime I have Dickey Dan the policeman trying to pick up on me and get my phone number! I’m paralyzed and my family is not 300 feet away from me and he thinks it’s a great time to hit on me.

I complained about him and next thing you know I’m getting ticket after ticket. Some they didn’t even bother to give me, some they just mailed to me.

Fast forward to 1995 in September I believe, I came home from work and all of my kids, and my 2 nephews were acting very weird. I went to hand one of the kids a piece of bread and he flinched and then looked toward the living room where my husband was sitting. I leaned over the counter and he was holding his finger over his lip in a shhh sign, then it caught my attention that two of the kids were wearing turtle necks in the heat. I pulled my son’s down and seen a handprint on his neck then my daughter pointed at her tummy and said “Daddy make owwie” and she had a footprint on her belly down to the actual toe prints.

When I married my husband who is Samoan I told him, the only thing I would divorce or kill him for was if he ever hit our kids. He did that day. Evidently my daughter had turned the water on in the bathtub and flooded the house, my ex kicked her in the stomach and my nephew and my son jumped over her to protect her and he picked my son by the neck and threw him and did the same to my nephew but put his head through the wall.

I called the police but they said that it was his word against a kid’s word and it wouldn’t stand in court. Once the police left he came after the kids and I, they were standing behind me screaming and I hit him with a keg of ketchup a cast iron skillet full of hot hamburger and oil, then finally I grabbed a knife of the counter and chased him out of the house, down the the corner into the Hoagie’s and stabbed him.

I went to jail and court in the morning. I asked if he was dead and they said no and I said damn. The Judge starts flipping out on me saying I wasn’t showing any remorse and I told her the only thing I was sorry for was that I didn’t kill him and that I didn’t remember it.

My neighbor had brought in all 3 children who had been assaulted and the Judge seen the footprint and handprint as well.

Once I told her what had happened, all I know is that the police brought my clothes to me and gave me a ride home, there is nothing on the record of it, and a few cops got fired.

So then Officer Pillo who dismantled the ESCA and let SnoCo absorb it and Officer Black did everything they could every single day to harass me.

The day I decided to file suit against them and had an attorney contact them, next thing I know they are taking 2 kids out of 15 kids and now I have no time for lawsuits.

Every person that I have talked to that has had their kids taken were going through some of the same things I was with local govt or law enforcement.

That is why I tell people to stand down and be quiet and that I’ll take the heat because I know (now) how they work.

I have been going around with a lot of these folks that I write about for decades without realizing what was really happening to me or even why.

As for lawsuits now… I will consider it, but to me it just simply illustrates what a bunch of liars the mainstream media is.

Oh and they can take their “copyright” and shove it up their piehole since these stories were lies about me and my children. They may take up suit but I’m still undecided.

Any reporter worth anything would’ve asked these questions but they weren’t trying to do a “news story”, they were working with authorities to discredit me.

If you think that anything has changed in 21 years, you are sadly mistaken. They even pulled the names of the reporter off the story, like the cowards they really are.

This is why I won’t stop or back down against corrupt politicians, law enforcement, and govt workers: They do this to so many people and don’t care how it affects people or what it does to other innocent people’s lives, when so many of them are truly guilty of the things they accuse others of.