The Fix is in for Dunshee: Sad News for SnoCo Residents

Yes I know I’m way behind on everything: Somehow I figured that no one would be stupid enough to nominate Hans Dunshee after all the nonsense he has pulled on the voters in the city of Snohomish, the county and the state but here we are.

John Lovick was foaming so badly at the mouth to get back into our wallets that he let the cat out of the bag and announced he was taking over for Dunshee once he stepped down from his position at the 44th.

Which got the Republicans in an uproar


(Snohomish County, WA) – The Snohomish County Democratic Party has decided to force the residents of East Snohomish County including Lake Stevens, Snohomish, Monroe, Sultan and Gold Bar to go without representation on the County Council for at least two months. This is due to the Party’s inaction in starting the process for replacing Executive-Elect Dave Somers until the 1st of the year.

It is clear from recent news stories that the entire replacement process has been rigged to ensure the appointment of State Representative Hans Dunshee to the position for the purpose of forming a liberal voting block with Councilmembers Sullivan and Wright. Already there is talk of back room deals to reverse the County’s recent decisions regarding Paine Field leases and the largest county union contract.

This is perplexing because Dunshee was just appointed as Chair of the House Appropriations Committee. The question needs to be asked, “Why would he leave this powerful House Chairmanship?” It is well known to people in Olympia that Hans has consistently talked about retirement and almost didn’t run for reelection in 2014. Why now would he want the Council position? The answer appears clear that what Dunshee cares about most is padding his pension and doing favors for his political friends.

Snohomish County Republican Party Chair Billye Brooks-Sebastiani said, “It is unacceptable that once again Olympia politics has inserted itself into Snohomish County.” and that “The people of the 5th District deserve a Councilmember who understands local issues and knows how to get things done.”

This isn’t the first time that the Snohomish County Democratic Party has played partisan politics with an appointment process.     “Just this last year the party torpedoed the appointment of Mark Harmsworth to the House” Brooks-Sebastiani said, “they also violated John Koster’s constitutional rights when they removed him from the Ombudsman position.”

The actions of the Democratic Party mean that this is an excellent opportunity for the Republican Party to pick up not just one seat on the County Council, but also to pick up the seat that Dunshee will be leaving in the House. “I’m excited for the batch of candidates that we have in Snohomish County” Brooks-Sebastiani said. “We will be working incredibly hard to elect fiscally responsible candidates to both of these positions.”

Out of Control/Inept Government, Compliments of Inslee

One of the few, really critical roles for government is public safety. Here are just two, recent examples of Washington State’s failure to fulfill that obligation and the responsibility clearly lies with Governor Inslee and the Democrats who have long been in charge.

. . .” Gov. Jay Inslee announced last week that an error in calculating prison sentences resulted in the early release of up to 3,200 inmates since 2002.” As yet, no one knows how many crimes have been committed by prisoners released too early, but there have been at least two deaths. For more . . .

Any connection toThe department’s failure to adequately supervise parolees in the past” which “led to several highly publicized cases and expensive verdicts, including $22.5 million awarded to the family of a Tacoma woman who was killed in a car crash in 1997 by a felon who had repeatedly violated parole” as reported here in 2005?

Yes I realize that the republican party is not going to agree with the democratic party on most things but they make some very valid points.

Why would Dunshee give up one of the most powerful seats in the state to become a lowly council member? You don’t even have to be out of the 2nd grade to figure that out.

The same reason that Senator Hobbs is drooling over the Lt Governor seat. No matter what this group must stay in power to keep up on all of their backdoor illegal deals.

Just keep a very close eye on who keeps getting recycled over the past 4 decades. Between him Inslee, Hobbs, and Dunshee we are not going to fare very well….

I wonder what Lovick’s platform will be:

Yes I lied about my Seattle Times endorsement
Yes I gave all of my buddies an illegal raise
Yes I let the other buddies threaten folks and run amok
Yes I mismanaged several millions of dollars
Yes I issued a gun permit to a woman beater who didn’t even live in this county
Yes I let a lot of my buddies get away with a lot of illegal activities
Yes I helped tamper with public records
Yes I let Mayor Eslick get away with killing that homeless woman
But Hey you should elect me! Yay! Vote for John Lovick 

Lying cheats