The Morally Bankrupt in Charge of Our Liberties Pennington – Batiot

Just when you think it can’t get any worse: It does.

I follow the a certain citizen’s situation quite closely because a lot of the same people involved in her mess are involved in mine, and a lot of them are public officials which I feel we have a duty to report on.

Recently a Sgt Batiot from Duvall filed a no contact order on a certain citizen after a failed attempt to do the same by the Pennington’s which got kicked out of court before it even started.

Batiot took all of the same exhibits and applied them to herself and with the help of US Customs, and the Port of Seattle Police.

She then conned a Shoreline Cop named Coblantz, and a few unwitting judges to try to get her way.

It almost worked but once it didn’t go her way then her buddy Coblantz tries to work with the City of Duvall Prosecutors (none other then Kenyon Disend) to try to file felony stalking and practice of law without a license. Problem with that is that the same lady who is their “special prosecutor” was once a member, (and may still be) of Kenyon Disend, also the very same exact woman who got John Pennington off for pushing his 9 month pregnant wife down the stairs and stalking her.

The King County Prosecutor’s office took one look at it and kicked it back fast as “unfounded” so now KD/Duvall is going to probably try to file false charges against her which will only make things worse for them but as we all know they won’t suffer any repercussions for it because they have unlimited tax payer money to do anything they want to any citizen.

So we’ve got Crystal Berg Hill Pennington who is writing bad checks but still manages to become the Mayor of Gold Bar. It was Prosecutor Laura Twitchell who prosecuted this woman but then some then someone else takes it over and it gets dismissed. Why?

Seems that Harris/Hoffer/Batiot and Hill/Berg/Pennington are two peas in a pod. Like kind sticks with like kind

We have a cop from the city of Brier who moves to the City of Duvall who has a DUI, plus somehow managed to escape another DUI after rear ending someone and causing permanent bodily harm to this person.

This same cop can’t seem to pay her fines after suing the city of Brier for about 42K but the most interesting thing about it is this: She is very adept at filing orders and bringing lawsuits, but she uses the almost the same exact languages in her attempts at lawsuits and at no-contact orders. Here are the copies of the files, minus pages 1 thru 39 of her original deposition which discusses her criminal record and DUI

Batiot v Brier #1
Batiot v Brier #2

She also uses them anytime someone seems to get any info about her. She cries about people running background checks on her or telling others about what her criminal background is but she is pretty quick to run illegal background checks on others.

So how did she get a job with the City of Duvall? We don’t have any answers for that.

1Batiot criminal DUI Whatcom Co Docket

The above is one of her DUI dockets, that says she complied with probation but she absolutely did not. The fact that she was a Brier cop during this DUI and the drunk driving wreck only make this more egregious. I think I need to contact anyone and everyone she has charged with a DUI in the City of Brier and the City of Duvall.

So what interests me the most and should be of special interest to the community is that she starts out as a Barrista, it is unkown if it was a Bikini stand or not, then she becomes a Ferndale Cop, then a real estate agent, then a Brier cop and also a real estate assistant at the same time, then she becomes a Duvall Cop.

She was bumped up to Sgt by Chief Lane of Brier after numerous complaints that she was his little “Princess” and she did get many many many favors, leaving work, going home, taking his patrol car home, all kinds of strange things but thank God the Mayor seen through her crap.

Sometime around then she was also a security guard at the Port of Seattle which explains her willingness to use them to serve her fake “protection” order.

No surprise that Brier is withholding the first 39 pages of her depositions which discuss at length her DUI’s and criminal records as evidenced by the index at the bottom of her deposition.

We can not let officers like this slime through our community, there are too many good cops out there doing the right thing, doing a good job and then you have trash like this disgracing the uniform.

She always files orders like these when people start getting too much information about her but the jig is up now. Someone should’ve taught her and her little buddies that you can’t run and hide from the truth forever.



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