The Other Side of Being In the U.S. Illegally

Sadly I have received information that some of the bodies along the Highway 2 and 395 corridors are in fact folks who came here as part of the drug trade from Guatemala (in order to pass through Mexico) and from Mexico. Possibly about 20, I did not get the info as to their ages or sexes.

I know there is the great American outcry about “they’re stealing our jobs” which is the most pathetic lie any American can tell or believe.

For several years apples and cherries in our state have rotted on the trees because most Americans believe they are “too good” for these kinds of jobs.

There is plenty of work in this state if someone is willing to get up and do it and most of these farms and orchards provide housing.

Most folks don’t understand the climate or conditions in Central America or Mexico or the trials that most people face to get here. I know of one young mother who got caught in Mexico and she was forced into prostitution and her child was also abused, she finally escaped and got here but not before her face had been scarred with acid and her child was scarred for life in other ways. She is one of the lucky ones. Most are simply tortured to death, and children are a great commodity for snuff films.

It is easy to think of the illegal immigration problem as a 6 o’clock news story until you personally come face to face with a woman with half a face left, or a child with no ears or fingers for every time the mother tried to escape.

Prospects aren’t much better for them once they get up here either. The teens, children and woman are many times forced into the sex slave trade and there is no one to help them. If in fact they are abused to death there is no one to report them missing, no one who can or will go to local law enforcement.

Sadly I see many towns in Mexico and in Guatemala searching for specific names, I never understood why: Until now. So for those families I am very sad to tell you that your loved one is probably gone, if you’d like to contact me privately I will do my best to look for them but I can not promise anything. If you have pictures or info as to their last location that would be helpful as well

Lamentablemente veo muchas ciudades en México y en Guatemala en busca de nombres específicos , nunca entendí por qué : Hasta ahora . Así que para aquellas familias Estoy muy triste para decirles que su ser querido está probablemente ido , si desea ponerse en contacto conmigo en privado voy a hacer mi mejor esfuerzo para buscarlos pero no puedo prometer nada . Si tienes fotos o información sobre su última ubicación que sería útil también

Sadly the Govt’s focus is not on helping any of the people who come here illegally, not understanding this is not a legal crisis, this is a humanitarian crisis with no clear end in sight. So today there are thousand of young men, women and children who are being abused and tortured, some may not survive it. I promise that there are people who care, I am one of them.

Since El Chapo’s ego got the better of him trying to be a Hollywood star, that means his people are in far more danger then they ever were.

Especially if in fact he is extradited to the U.S. as the other lower level cartel hopefuls try to take over, the American’s involved won’t step in to help, their only concern is that the drugs get up here and I guarantee we are going to see an upspike in people making a run for the border.

Those ones will be here to stay, not just work, sleep in the bushes and send money home to their families because most of their families will be dead.

The schools, hospitals and stores will be destroyed or pillaged or simply become slaughterhouses for humans.

There will also be a tremendous jump in rich white American heading to Mazatlan to journey to the outer towns to engage in sex with children, or snuff houses.

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