The Strange Case of Tyler Christensen and Other Missing Children

Everyone knows that Tyler Chistensen is missing

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 1.43.01 PMThe King County Emergency Management person is the one who set up the search parties and has his profile and cover photo as Tyler’s Pictures

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His sisters also have his pictures showing Tyler

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His Dad does not have a single public picture of him and they are “requesting privacy” right now. Although his dad did change his profile picture to show the nice beach scene.

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(Please Note – We included a picture which has since been removed based on some incorrect information)

If my child was missing I would be badgering every TV and News station in a 5 state area, making my friends and family share a missing poster and having all of my friends and family change their cover and profile pictures.

Most troubling is several emails I got from folks who were in the search party: When they did manage to get his father to go along on the search, he was moonwalking, joking around and laughing like it was just another day on a walk.

A few other emails from his friends say he would never leave home without his cell phone and that he would’ve called his church group leader to let him know he was on his way, which he always did.

The other thing that is not sitting well is that the police haven’t canvassed the neighborhood and asked neighbors if they have any video footage of Tyler possibly passing by. One neighbor took it upon himself to do so and made a CD and notified police and they still haven’t went to retrieve it as of yesterday. They did get footage of Tyler running by.

What the media hasn’t reported is that there are 6 more children missing since December,17th 2015.

Have you seen this child- ALEXANDRIA SALO 2016-04-26 11-26-34 Have you seen this child- ANGELICA ROMERO-BOOTH 2016-04-26 11-25-59 Have you seen this child- DYAHIVANNA RICH 2016-04-26 11-27-12

Have you seen this child- OLIVER CRUZ-VILLASENOR 2016-04-26 11-27-40 Missing Children Clearinghouse Poster - Benitez_Omar.pdf 2016-04-26 11-28-24

They are saying Nathan left on his own and may be in Marysville but he could still be in trouble