Think the city shelter is an animal's friend?

Think again. The city of Everett shelter is the worst of the worst. They rank somewhere between Auschwitz & PETA in the deaths they cause. From a Jewish perspective that’s as bad as it can get in my eyes.
Just recently they killed 111 cats, from a raid in Snohomish County in one day. Some of the cats had FIV & FLV which can be a death sentence for most cats but with the proper care they can live a pretty meaningful life. Twenty different rescues reached out & offered to take many if not all of the cats but instead they pulled the trailer up to the city shelter not even bringing the cats inside to examine them but instead they caught each cat one by one & killed them as the other cats looked on, & it didn’t matter if they were adults or kittens. It took all day & the last ones to die were out of their minds according to our sources. What has never been mentioned is that this woman reached out to the shelter on numerous occasions to try to get help which is how she got on their radar in the first place & most of these cats had been abandoned near her former property. We have all of the emails she sent out begging for help
Here is a dog that was returned to an abusive owner time & time again. How did the city handle it? After enough complaints: They killed the dog
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Then there was Blaze another dog killed for no good reason. I did a blog post about him & then KOMO4 picked up the story
Couple: Shelter put down dog we wanted to adopt
Then there was a blog post I did about an abandoned momma dog who had nipped at the owner of the home she had her babies at, the shelter went out there & caught the mother but left the defenseless pups alone & freezing. After my story an animal control officer finally went out & saved the puppies & then they turned it into a photo op & a “feel good” story.
My initial blog posts may have been crude but they shamed them enough to do something & enough for the media to pay attention
They say an animal never lies & if they don’t like someone you should pay attention to that. Every picture this woman Shannon Delgado/Johnson takes with animals they all look terrified & are trying to escape her. The first picture is the momma dog the other two are from another story. I have searched the net & have not found one picture with this woman where the animal is not terrified of this woman
dog killer
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Then the County Auditor Carolyn Weikel made a sweetheart deal with her friends at the shelter & took away many of the city & county contracts with PAWS shelter over 5 dollars. The problem with that? The city of Everett has Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) meaning they kill all Bully breeds or even those perceived to be a bully mix, so what this illegal contract did was create BSL by proxy even in towns & cities where people had voted against it. Once the animal enters the city limits it is going to be killed if not claimed in 72 hours.
But what happens to those dogs in that time? I personally rescued around 15 of those dogs & every single one of them was injured and/or maced. One to the point where we had to have him euthanized. Here are just a few of them

The truth of the matter is that the shelter keeps all of the Bully breeds locked in the back of the shelter so no one can see them. You can go in for yourself & see. They have a book in the front with pictures of the dogs but not all of the dogs are in that book, I can personally testify to that fact. The owner surrenders are immediately euthanized so if you don’t want your dog to suffer for 3 days then don’t drop them off as a stray, pay the fee so they are not beaten or maced for 72 hours. No animal deserves that.
The 111 cat killings re not the first mass euthanasia of cats here.

81 cats euthanized after virus spreads through animal shelter

The title is deceiving because the shelter lied to the news reporter. The virus didn’t “spread through the shelter” 1 cat came in that tested positive for panleukopenia virus. The shelter then called in all of the cats & kittens from their foster homes & killed them too. We received many emails from distraught fosters who had to load up their beloved little charges to be killed for no good reason. At the same time the city’s non profit boasted 110K in assets & mostly cash yet they couldn’t wait to see if any of the cats were not infected for a couple of days, or even have spent money for vet care.
If your cat gets out they don’t stand a chance if it’s in the city of Everett

Family cat caught on police property euthanized

Cats & Pit Bulls seem to be the target animal of choice for the Everett Animal Shelter, sadly there are 1000’s more stories that didn’t make the news about the murder, torture & abuse of animals that goes on daily at this shelter.
I complained about the abuse & hiding of people’s animals & they came after me with a vengeance because in the end the only thing we could come up with was the former shelter manager was also the head of the non-profit so he stepped down to run the non-profit.
It does seem to be that folks are starting to wise up. There are constant calls from the shelter begging for food, when the non-profit has enough money to keep all the animals fed & vetted for at least a year.
Then they tried to insert themselves into the Oso tragedy & use it for a donation campaign but that fell flat because folks in that area take care of each other. I received reports from people in the area that the shelter was trying to come on people’s property to take animals to the shelter but they were promptly chased off
The shelters sights are set on code violations now, that is where the money is. For the shelter, the city & the courts. In order to make sure they get conviction numbers needed they target minorities & low income folks.
I get emails at least 3 times a week from folks after a run in with the city shelter & in order to garner those convictions they allow this to happen to protect the person who is responsible for most of the animal neglect cases as a “witness” for the city. Do not take your eyes off of this video, this is only 1 of more than 8 times over a 5 yr period this dog endured this type of abuse. As long as you keep voting for these same people this will continue to happen to other innocent people & animals

This woman’s history is so bad that she has her own webpage chronicling the abuse & misery she has inflicted on people & animals for over 3 decades
Before you donate to any shelter (including mine) make sure you do your research, make sure that your money is going to the animals locally. You have the legal right to request records of all transactions, donations & tax information of any non-profit. You also have the moral & ethical duty to make sure that shelters & rescues in your area are operating in the best interest of the animals.

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