This is Why Some People Should Be Fixed

I was cruising Craigslist yesterday (Why does no one ever try to stop me????) looking at the part time jobs they had available and I came upon these horrifying ads:

1 Caregiver needed for cute special needs teen 2015-09-28 07-18-14 2 Caregiver needed for cute special needs teen 2015-09-28 07-18-56

What the bloody hell???

Why does it matter if the kid is “cute”

Why did they make a point that he can’t move or speak and then say he likes “cuddling”?

What in the world is a “sexy” van?

I am not sure if this is some kind of a pervert trying to offer their kid to other perverts and pedophiles but it was horrifying enough that it made me so afraid for this child that I did something I would never do. I called Child Protective Services.

My rewrite on this article is

“Calling all child molesters, we have a kid who can’t fight back and won’t tell on you so when we see you cuddling (raping) our son we won’t say anything either because he loves it, oh and if you’d like to take him somewhere private to molest him on the road we have a van for that”

I rest my case for Chemical Castration…