Update on the Dog Shaming Barista

Everett Animal Services has released a statement

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It seems that Ms Parker is now back on Facebook and backsliding in her explanation of the pee pad being on her dogs head: Now he did it… according to a post she made public

(1) Lisa Parker New story 2016-03-03 10-08-05

I would pay very close attention to the people responding (publicly) to her post who feel that treatment of this animal in this manner is okay.

I still have not received a response from Naval Station Everett

I would like to clarify some things before everyone goes off the rail.

  1. In her original statement she says that she soaked up the pee with the pad and then scrubbed the area with vinegar and Oxyclean, she did not say that she soaked up the pee with the chemicals and placed it on Ludo’s head.
  2. In her statement above she claims he crawled under the pad all by himself, yet in her original post she calls it the pee pee hat.


Given that it was just supposedly urine that may not be enough to charge her with anything, possibly a misdemeanor. Or a citation and some serious education.

This would’ve been a mere indignity if she hadn’t then gone on to state that she also shoves poop in her dog’s mouth and tapes it shut


Please keep in mind that we have a new shelter manager: She has always placed the interests of animals over everything. I am not sure of the politics involved but I am hoping that this woman will be prosecuted and the shelter manager will be allowed to do her job by the putzes running the city of Everett.