Update on the McDermott Case so Far

I met with McDermott days before his death and he gave me a lot of info, which I am basing my “opinions” on.

Most notable the emails he sent me about certain board members knowing of purchases the Lynnwood Police are claiming he “stole

I did talk to a former Sheriff about his body being in one place, the tank being in another place and the tubing being in a 3rd place, as they said that he committed suicide by inhaling nitrous oxide which would’ve killed him instantly.

They pointed out 2 things to me though that I found interesting: 1.) the officers could’ve moved the stuff in the process of the investigation 2.) there were dogs on the property who could’ve carried the tubing off.

I don’t know why they would rearrange the crime scene. Possibly to give paramedics access to his body?

That is about it for right now, I just wanted to present a new angle. Not huge but it is something to think about. I don’t believe he killed himself but that is the ruling…

I do know that Lynnwood Detective Dilworth is harassing his family to the ends of the earth, so I think it’s time to shine a little light on him.

They have no business whatsoever investigating this since they are on the board but at their last meeting they decided they did.