WA Supreme Court "extorts" legislature into paying labor union demands

SupremeCourtJustices2014Today the Washington Supreme Court has levied a $100,000 per day sanction upon citizens because our Legislature has not adequately paid the Labor Unions, who control public education, all the money they want. All of this is wrapped up as the “McCleary Decision”. But in truth, it is a complete FRAUD upon citizens.
The sad fact of it all is that OUR legislators are too stupid to understand how one of the LARGEST and MOST POWERFUL Labor Unions in Washington State — the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), has commandeered our government. The WSBA lawyers who serve on the Washington Supreme Court use their positions in government to satisfy “PRIVATE” interest, NOT the interests of society. These “interests” include other “labor unions” in a “quid pro quo” scheme. Simple described as “labor unions” getting their ‘candidates’ in judicial, legislative and executive positions in government.
If I were a Washington State Legislator I would address the WSBA’s… err, mean the WA State Supreme Court’s ruling to fully fund basic education in the following way.
1) Declare a tuition — a user’s fee/child — on those who’s household income exceeds the income threshold of RCW 84.36.383(5) – “disposable income calculation”.
2) Declare the WSBA a “monopoly labor union” and expel all the WSBA lawyers from government service and prohibit WSBA lawyers from legislative office (they are traitors as they are “judicial branch” commandeers).
3) Impeach the Supreme Court justices as being an “extortion racket” under the monopoly power of the WSBA and special interests.
4) Declare the teacher’s union a monopoly power and prohibit its members from government employment.
5) Prohibit lawyers and teachers who are also “legislators” from voting on, or adding amendments to, legislation dealing with the McCleary/School funding issues. The Washington Constitution, Article 2, Section 30 -BRIBERY OR CORRUPT SOLICITATION, PROHIBITS legislators from voting on measures in which they have an interest. In this legislation you have “legal” and “teacher” issues and they MUST NOT influence legislation as lawyers or teachers who have an interest in the ruling/funding measures.
I’ve tried to get my “representatives”, Jesse Young, Michelle Caldier and senator Jan Angel to grow a set of balls to call a spade a spade. But Jesse and Michelle are too much cowards, and Jan Angel is simply too simple to understand what is meant by Article 1, Section 1, of Washington’s Constitution.
I’ve also tried to get Rep Matt Shea, who is a lawyer to “impeach” corrupt judges, but he won’t go against his colleagues of the Washington State Bar.
If our elected legislators are either too cowardly or stupid to stand up against “monopoly interests”, perhaps we citizens need to file our own “class action” against WA for breach of the separation of powers and corrupt influence in legislation. I’m game for this fight, any others?
Bill Scheidler
chief activist at www.corruptwash.com