“We Run The Country” According to Lawyers (And they do)

60 minutes had a horrifying show earlier.

Perhaps the most chilling of all is this statement by this attorney claiming that they run the country, that they are a part of the elite, and they make the laws. It is what I have been fighting along with many others and what I have been trying to tell people for 5 years.

Here is the link to see all of the videos where you can see the lawyers laying out the groundwork on how to launder this fake dictator’s money.

Keep in mind this could be money from or for terrorists, it could be money from sex trafficking of humans, or from the child sex trade, it could be from any number of sources but these attorneys (one who was the head of the American Bar Association at the time) are fine with that, they will sleep well with smiles on their faces because they got the money too

Keep in mind that Jack Abramoff was part of the group that were kidnapping and using children from the OK Boys Ranch and Boys Town in Omaha for the sexual gratification of powerful elected leaders. No matter what kind of crime and debauchery happens in this state it always goes back to the WSBA members

Sadly we do not have a “global Witness” here in Washington state we have many citizens who have lost everything, some have even lost, or taken their lives over this corruption, yet no one listens.

Most of our elected leaders are lawyers, they have absolute power from the cities, towns, counties and the state all the way into the Judiciary, all the way up to the Federal levels.

I am not kidding you when I say we need to get rid of people like Ray Stephanson, Mark Roe, Seth Fine, Sean Raey, Sara DiVIttorio, G. Geoffrey Gbbs, Mike Fisher, Ramsey Ramerman, Judge Leach, Judge Mitchell, Judge Downes, Judge Okrent, Judge Moore, Judge Lucas, Judge Farris, Judge Bui, Judge Howard, Judge Douglas Fair, Judge Becker, Judge Appelwick, Judge Stephens, and many many more.

We also need to eliminate the Washington State Bar Association entirely, it needs to be put under control of the state not the Supreme Court that is as corrupt as it could possibly be, as evidenced by the fact that no matter what illegal thing the Bar does the Supreme Court backs them up.

If you watch this and think very carefully about the entire Lobsang Dargey/Ray Stephanson situation you’ll have a whole new perspective on what is really going on there.

Click on the picture below it will take you to the 60 Minute Videos for the short edited versions of these videos

Anonymous, Inc. - CBS News 2016-02-01 02-04-16