"We the Taxpayers" on the Hook for Troy Kelley's Defense

According to Jordan Schrader at the Bellingham Herald (Please go to the article where he lays it all out in a very simple easy to understand fashion)

State-government lawyers will defend Troy Kelley in court against an effort to recall the indicted state auditor. A legal filing Friday by Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office says the office plans to defend Kelley at a May 8 hearing against one of the three accusations made against him. In that charge, Will Knedlik, a former state legislator and disbarred attorney who is seeking Kelley’s ouster, accuses him of failing to properly investigate Sound Transit and failing to report to work. The attorney general’s office won’t defend Kelley against Knedlik’s charges that he improperly pressured his office to hire longtime business associate Jason JeRue, or that he is not legally allowed to live in Tacoma. The constitution says the auditor must live “at the seat of government” in Olympia. READ MORE…

Why do we as citizens have to pay for the corruption of our elected leaders? It is part of a grand scheme so that it guarantees that once we put these misfits in office we have to pay dearly to get them out once they show their true colors or get caught with their hands in our cookie jar…
Kind of reminds you of the story of the woman who had to pay a burglar millions of dollars after he broke into her house through a sunlight and hurt himself.
Snohomish County does the same thing with it’s own misfits, from Reardon, Lovick and Roe even down to county employees and their wives.
These safeguards were put in place to protect them not us, but if we continue to vote for the same people this is the price we will have to pay over and over again.
We are trying to come up with common sense revisions to these laws as well as dismantling the WSBA and making them, the courts and the state accountable to “we the people” once more instead of viewing us as “We the Taxpayers”

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