Weird and Unusual: Psychics… Fact or Fiction?

I keep seeing all kinds of stories about psychics, mostly about them being frauds. Most are

There are people with higher intuitions and some folks who are sensitives. I am both, but that being said: It is nothing that you can turn off and on.

If I could, trust me I could’ve avoided many issues in my life and saved myself and many others immeasurable pain. 3 of my sons would not have died, nor would my sister, my dad, my aunt, and many others would be safe and alive.

I would not have  married the idiots I did, or dated the other assortment of losers, and I most certainly would not have almost been murdered or gotten caught up in this crap with the City of Everett.

As a child I “knew things” and had lots of “imaginary friends” that later in life I seen pictures of who were members of our family. Who knows if maybe I had actually seen the pictures before and didn’t remember them.

As I got older I and ran from home I always had the uncanny ability to tell who was safe and who wasn’t. That could just be a primal instinct, I was a helpless child so maybe I was reading non-verbal clues.

These days all I seem to get are random images and usually it is too late to do anything about it so it’s pretty much useless.

I was a teenage wife and mother and that is when all these psychic hot lines were all the rage so I figured I’d go get a job at one of them. Well we were trained pretty well, to screw people out of money using their emotions: to date it was the shortest job I ever had, 3 hours and I quit.

We had these questions and observations, an entire list, so if one leading question went nowhere, then we had a whole nother list to keep them on the phone and suck up those minutes.

Things like:

  1. I can sense that you are very unhappy about something (Well duh! That is a human condition, most folks have at least one area of their life they are unhappy with and if you were so frickin happy why would you be calling some strange psychic)
  2. I see that you are very unhappy with your employment situation (works if they have a crappy job or they’re unemployed)
  3. I am sensing that you have questions about a relationship ( as long as there are more then two people on this earth you’re going to have questions and possibly issues)
  4. I can see that you’ve lost someone dear to you (Yeah that’s called life and death, if you’re over 12 yrs old you’ve probably lost someone)

There is a ton more but you get the idea, it’s the same thing these fake TV psychics do, they “fish the crowd”

  1. Someone here lost a loved one (Again if you’re over 12 someone you love has probably died)
  2. Someone recently lost a pet (If you’re over 12 you’ve probably lost a pet)
  3. Someone recently moved (Most of Americans move every 3 years)
  4. Someone recently has had job issues (With the economy that’s always a hit)
  5. Someone recently had a messy breakup (How many clean break ups have you ever seen?)

I have trained as a Medicine Woman as well, and although I detest organized religion, I understand that there is something more to our human connection then what is seen with the eyes.

I honestly believe that most “psychic ability” is merely primal knowledge, things we know on a subconscious level, especially those exhibited by children.

Children don’t have the vocabulary to articulate as well as most adults and they are very much dependent on what they can gather based on primal human instincts.

I also suspect that it has a lot to do with reading body language, but I have no proof of that.

There was a point where I gave up trying to explain it and just gave in and gave various friends and family members card readings, sometimes I would connect and get “feelings” but most times I just let them lead and interacted with them and (Surprise!) they usually came to the answer and the conclusion all on their own with me merely nodding my head and occasionally asking them to explain more in detail.

The most frustrating part is that at the end when I would tell them that they themselves came up with all the answers they needed, and that the answers had been inside of them all along: they still insisted that I had done something.

I still do the occasional reading when an odd family member bullies me into it, I still have only a 25% rate of connecting, sensing, or feeling, I still tell people the truth and they still insist that it was all me. This proves to me that people are going to believe whatever they want to no matter how honest you are with them or what proof you show them.



I had a dream every since I was 7 years old that I was going to die in a car accident when I was 56 yrs old, I had it at least 30 times a year, then the DOT put up all that fancy artwork on I-90 in the late 90’s and I almost had a friggin heart attack, it was exactly like that in my dream. Then one day in 2004 I had the dream but this time it was different, there were 2 twin boys about 12 years old with me this time, and this time it was a fender bender and we were all sitting on the wall waiting for the police and these boys were saying “Gramma are you alright” I never had the dream again until one day in January of 2010 when those two little boys were born. I knew them immediately and no they are not getting in my car for any reason 6 yrs from now.

So what changed? Heck if I know, heck if I care. It was always a little creepy (and way too much pressure) to know when I was going to die and how, and there is a certain freedom in just living each day to the fullest without the constant worry and I got a sneak peak at my grandkids to boot. My son knew too once they were born, he said, Hey those are the kids who changed your dream. Works for me…

The truth is and always will be that you already know the answers to any questions you may have and no one alive can “predict the future” it is fluid and ever changing, every single decision you make can change your destiny. I’ve seen felt and experienced enough things in life that I know there is something more then what we can see hear or physically feel.

I also know there is a very logical explanation for a lot of it that is not “other worldly”

I personally knew Silvia Browne, and Kay Kanekashbam they both had been to my house many times. Silvia had a gift, she truly did but then I lost contact with her and next thing I know I see her on the Montel Williams show, she looked so ugly and so haggard, she had sold out and it showed.

I did try to contact her once after that to tell her to take care of herself but in order to do that I would’ve had to pay her or her phone screeners 500.00. I watched her fishing and I knew she had destroyed herself and it was very sad.

As for Kay, you’ve never heard of her, she didn’t sell out and she had far more intuition then any of us but she didn’t sell it to the highest bidder, but she did more good then all of these false psychics ever did combined.

I watch these folks on TV and I just get ill, that Caputo woman and that Van Praag man give me the willies, they do so much damage yet mindless people continue to follow them.

The human brain is a mystery, there is still much that is unknown about 90% of it function or abilities. I have had 2 massive strokes, about 8 different catastrophic brain injuries to the point I should be a vegetable yet I can still function on many levels, most of the dysfunction I have is related to my autism although there are some profound losses of function I deal with every day but the point is I shouldn’t even be able to communicate and none of my MRI’s shows my brain functioning in specific regions that any of the doctors would expect to see them light up.

My point is this: Humans are far more spectacular then they have ever given themselves credit for, yet for some reason they believe they have to rely on someone else’s vision or direction when 99% of the time the answers we need are already inside of us, that is not other-worldly.

There is a show on TV I see once in a while when I’m too busy to turn off the television called Psych about a guy everyone assumes is “psychic” but he is just really good at reading people’s expression and body language and has an incredible knack for abstract thinking with a really good memory, I’m more inclined to think that my so-called “gift” is more along those lines and I suspect many others are too.

If you’re thinking of going to a psychic, save your money, look on youtube for some good meditation videos and keep trying until you get relaxed enough to find the answers inside yourself that are already there. If you still want to throw some money away: Send it to us, we can use it for the greater good and not on bleach blonding our hair or 6 inch fingernails.