How To Win Friends and Influence People: Kevin Hulten Version

Well since Mr Hulten didn’t quite measure up in previous Iphone photos, his new attempt at weather forecasting seemed seems to have fallen short as well.

I found this story regarding Mr Hulten. Seems he fissed off a few folks down the West Coast this time.

Mr Hulten is such a strange little egg…


Calamity Kevin Hulten

Oh Kevin, I did some investigating about you and found some mighty interesting things, such as how you made claims that you were a government whistleblower set on rooting out a supposed conspiracy against your former boss involving Herald investigative reporters and county prosecutors, only to have the county spend nearly $35,000 on an independent attorney to investigate your claims and determine they were baseless.

It truly leaves me wondering when you were able to be trained as a “ FEMA-certified disaster PIO” as you claim?

Perhaps it was after you plead guilty to criminal evidence tampering in Block v Snohomish County case after receiving a “litigation hold” defense.

I’d really like to bust your chops on your claims of this “mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves” which are supposed to pummel Washington this weekend, but then realized maybe why you made such exaggerated claims involving the Evergreen state is because you know your troubles have yet to begin.

Being sued for racketeering in US Federal Court with depositions expected to begin late this year or during the first quarter of 2017 must be quite stressful, so perhaps if you write it, it will hopefully come true washing away all your woes.

So with the Local news and the Snohomish County Reporter pimp slapping your name around the web over your past errors in judgement… read full story here

Evidently it was in response to this story…. Written by none other than Kevin Hulten himself…


Mega-storm packing 150 mph winds and 50-foot waves set to pummel West Coast

Packing 150 mph sustained winds, a storm some meteorologists are calling the “biggest storm in history” will hit coastal regions of the U.S. this Saturday, generating 45-foot waves, and dumping multiple feet of rainfall across an area including three states and two countries.

While the nation’s media — even in the areas set to be hit by the approaching storm — continue to focus on Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole, a more powerful storm is headed for the Pacific Northwest with hurricane force winds cutting a 100 mile swath through the coast of Oregon and Washington.

The National Weather Service issued an extraordinary storm alert yesterday, warning against a. “worst case scenario, historical windstorm…that would be long remembered,” the alert stated. At that time, forecasters pegged the odds of the “worst-case scenario” landfall at 1 in 3. They’ve since darkened the outlook, saying the odds of a catastrophic outcome are 50–50.

So where did this all come from? A geographic area that — through the oddities of weather nomenclature — doesn’t produce easily-marketed “named” storms a la Matthew and Nicole. But the net effects are the same.

The remnant of Typhoon Songa has refocused into an unprecedented weather system comparable only to Seattle’s 1962 Columbus Day Storm, which killed 46 people with 150 mph winds and coastal flooding.

The 1962 storm leveled thousands of buildings from California to Canada and killed nearly 50.

On Tuesday, the NWS pointed out that the population and building density of the area has tripled since 1962, raising questions about the risk area residents face as the storm approaches — and whether anyone knows the storm is coming.


this is a load of horse shit, i live in PNW and no one is reporting or predicting anything close to 150 mph winds.there was a tornado in oregon yesterday.

Many other commenters have pointed out the exaggeration and factual errors here. But having a family member who has done work for FEMA, I was curious what exactly the requirements for becoming a“FEMA-certified disaster PIO” are. Turns out it’s an online course that takes about 2.5 hours from start to finish.

Hulten, you’re an ass. No such thing ever predicted and in reality never happened. 40mph winds max. WTF. Are making this shit up? Of course you are. Why? To scare people? Yes. You sadistic MF

What an asshole. National Weather Service says 75 MPH gusts. Wind power is a product of the square of the speed. 150 MPH wind has 4x the power of 75 MPH wind. So discount anything this guy writes or says by a factor of 4.

The biggest storm in (recorded) history was Typhoon Tip back in 1979. It reached a peak diameter of about 3,000 miles. That made it nearly as large as the continental United States.

Fortunately for Asia, it lost a lot of that size before making landfall.

We are all well aware the storm is coming. it’s just the media’s focus on the East Coast weather that seems unaware.

It’s being compared to the 1962 Columbus Day storm, and enough of us have memories of the havoc of that storm.

“Battening down the hatches” in the Pacific Northwest.

oh we know it’s coming although the media has been very reluctant to report just how bad this storm could be.

Alarmist garbage. You are clearly NOT a trained “FEMA Pio” … FEMA does not train people to post overhyped and false alarmist rhetoric like this.

Doing so HARMS the FEMA mission and makes people far LESS safe.

For a REAL look at this storm try this:

Award-winning publisher, huh? Could have fooled me. Perhaps it’s time to look into another profession, Kevin.

This is bullshit, local forecasts put the winds gusting to 60mph, sustained winds maybe 40mph.

Did you end that with “and if anyone knows that this storm is coming”? I mean you’d have to live in a cave NOT to know that this storm is coming, been in the news for 3 days now. As to whether YOUR storm is coming, I, like others, highly doubt it.

Hulten, I heard that McDonalds is hiring. Since you obviously are not an ethical journalist, this may be a better match for you.

shame on you,to put that kind of fear in did get my arse in gear and move things that arent nailed down,but also was fearing the worst,.dont know were you get your info,or you just like to blow things up to put fear into people..either way..Bad writing

I LIVE here and the Saturday storm was a dud. Friday’s storm was MUCH worse. Ask Manzanita.

There has been speculation that a storm would hit the PNW that would in fact be so terrible that it would rock fault lines as well. Is this that great storm?

Thank you. We are all laughing at your expense over at North Whidbey Island Weather.