Pink Used To Be Homeless… Seattle Area Feline Rescue Fixed That

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Pink's familyShe lived on her own, hiding under the cars in an old lot. There, she fended for herself and her kittens. Each day, she ventured out cautiously to find food, and hurried back to care for her babies. When a Good Samaritan set up a feeding station, Pink was too scared to make friends or even be touched. For her, the world was a lonely and scary place.

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With patience, Pink gradually became more trusting. At last, she let 20150924_172646 (1)

herself be picked up and placed in a crate. She and her kittens (all 7 of them!) came to Seattle Area Feline Rescue.
Pink’s adorable kittens found loving adopters quickly. Pink was shy from her life as a homeless cat, though: she needed more time to trust and heal. IMG_20151201_211522

It took lots of loving care from rescue volunteers and from a foster home, but eventually Pink was ready to find a new life.

This month, she found a forever home just in time for the holidays. Her days fending for herself are over – now she can relax and enjoy blankets, cuddles, and the love of a human family for the rest of her life!

(Rescue portrait of Pink by K.A.Moore Photography.)

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