4 More Years Worth Of Lovick’s Lies? It’s Entirely Up To You

Just to illustrate how stupid that Executive Lovick thinks the voters are….

Memories seem to fade when it comes to really important things once campaign signs with shiny new pictures start filling up yards.

Remember when Mr Lovick vetoed the county budget last year? He claimed his biggest issue was that it cut funding for the First Steps program.

The first reason Lovick gave for rejecting the council budget was the reduction of funding for the Snohomish Health District’s First Steps Program to $450,000 from $900,000.

Problem with that? The Health District actually fully funds the First Steps Program, not the County.

What he was really upset about is that the Council wouldn’t okay all his illegal new hires and illegal raises for all of his henchmen


It’s just as easy to tell the truth as it is to tell a lie: Since he can’t seem to do it we’ll just go ahead and do it for him.

If the voters are smart enough then I’ll only have to do it for 4 more days, not 4 more years…