Comic Relief Courtesy of Brian Sullivan and John Lovick

I found this gem in a public records request in Lovick’s mail box.

There is no proof that Sullivan ever sent this letter to Dave Somers because it was an attachment that Lovick sent to himself. Since there are a lot of the same lies that Lovick and Ericks told over and over again in it, who knows where it came from.

It was definitely good for some comic relief though

Letter to the Chair Brian Sullivan_Page_1Letter to the Chair Brian Sullivan_Page_2Letter to the Chair Brian Sullivan_Page_3

Okay I’m sorry but this was funny, I seen: rather I have email after email where Somers tried in vain to get everyone to the table at the same time, but, Wright and Sullivan were too busy with Lovick and Ericks to bother.

I am honestly not sure if Sullivan wrote this, if so then he has no idea what is going on with the budget even if he would’ve shown up…

Again the County doesn’t fund the First Steps Program, the Public Health Dept does.

I also believe this letter contains a direct threat with the statement of “you know the outcome” (of the investigation) Which begs the question: What information was actually given to the investigators? If you or I threatened to kill people on a regular basis not even the 1st Amendment could protect us, we’d be in jail so fast and facing multiple felonies (but we’re not cops and lawyers)

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