Guest: Is AFSCME out to throw the election?

A recent article in the Everett Herald (County’s unionized workers rally against Somers) is the latest attempt by AFSCME and the Lovick campaign to discredit Mr. Lovick’s opponent Dave Somers, in yet another dishonest mailer sent by Lovick’s campaign

According to the story “Hundreds of employees attended a lunchtime rally to show displeasure with Somers and two other councilmen who rejected a tentative labor contract over the summer.”

According to sources who attended, there were perhaps two hundred or so, however that is a small number in comparison to the 1600 employees that AFSCME reports it represents within Snohomish County.

Notably, a shop steward from 109E (Nova Heaton) was quoted in the article – she was also present at the delivering of dog treats to the council to Mr. Somers.

Yes it is against the law for her to be campaigning during work hours but in typical union fashion they claim they are “protesting” The Herald has removed her picture but here is the original story

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What is interesting is that they continue to focus on Somers when in fact there are 2 other councilmen who also opposed the tentative agreement that Executive Lovick’s team negotiated with AFSCME – which was in violation of the county charter – e.g. the law, and outside the parameters of the council guidelines.

Add to this a news release by County Treasurer Kirk Seivers which was reported in the Monroe Moniter . Apparently a campaign flyer that was financed by AFSCME was giving false information regarding a tax refund.

According to Treasurer Seivers, and as quoted in the Monroe Moniter “It is simply untrue and very misleading to tell county taxpayers that they will get a refund check,” Seivers also points out that it has been a waste of tax payer dollars having to respond to this misinformation that has been sent out by AFSCME.
It is clear that AFSCME is pulling out all the stops to re-elect Lovick, and if you recall, they did the same for Reardon as well – and we all know how that ended.
Be sure to vote and to vote based upon reality – not based upon the misleading statements of AFSCME.

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