A New Day at the Everett Shelter

I told you that the new shelter manager signaled a whole new hope and future for the animals of Everett.

It was nearly impossible to find your lost pet but someone sent me a message to go look at the lost and found on Craigslist if I wanted to cry some happy tears…

and there it was!

Craigslist Lost and Found

No longer will your dog be hidden in the back, no longer will they suffer back there with no one to hear them scream.

Matter of fact I dare anyone to hurt anyone of those animals on the new shelter manager’s watch. Now we just have to get rid of the Breed Specific Legislation in the City of Everett and I can finally rest. This is almost a 16 yr battle, for me. Longer for those employees and volunteers that stuck around just to try to help the animals in spite of the sadists that were running it